Hu Zhiming city travels

The plane flew in Hu Zhiming city shortly after sunset. When the plane drops ceaselessly, break through thick clouds, suddenly, urban scene unfolds in front of me. Saw the boundless earth, little lights.
City Lighting no domestic city light, it seems that most white cold light, looked down from the air, like the stars in the sky. The airport is much bigger than Hanoi, is also busy multiple, continuous aircraft taking off and landing. Modern degree is quite high. City building in Hanoi more than the much, much higher. Comparison of commercial development. Evening, main commercial areas in the city centre, cafes, bars, restaurants, snack shop business Xinglong.
Shop signs used on US dollars, the main consumer target seems to foreign tourists. The clerk stood in the doorway, with halfcooked English hard to attract customers, we often see from his mouth” come in” jump out of” taste” and the like. In Hu Zhiming city we visited two sites: a Mekong River to the sea on one of the islands, the other is the Independence Palace, is the original South Vietnamese presidential palace. The Mekong River to the sea, the water is very gentle, river is also very wide, but the river is muddy, taupe. Than to Yellow River water is worse.
Take the ferry to the Mekong island. The residents on the island is not much, there are a number of poor housing, they rely on the reception of tourists to maintain bread. Main business is selling souvenirs, snacks and sell Jiang Tang and the like, by singing for tips. We on the island, they took us into the scaffolds under the table, or end of three two dish Jiang Tang invited us to taste like snacks, and then sell their products; or up to three two girls open throat to sing one or two song, and then from the basket to get a tip. The general claim too much, also per capita RMB three five yuan. Food prices are expensive, also three five yuan a bag, of course, things are not much, a pouch, a dozen or so. Often at this time, without thinking, loosen one’s purse strings generously. Not because the girl’s voice, not because the island’s Jiang Tang good, but right when fundraising. The island has one of the only two or three meters wide stream. The stream running in a slender hands boating. The ship can only sit three or four, rowing for carers, the squat bow stern man, holding short wood pulp water, boat flew. We sat in the boat, in a stream through. Stream cross is dense tropical rain forest, long branches covering the whole sky, boat like plants green tunnel in walking, but also quite interesting.
When the vessel has been paid tickets, but also to routinely pay rowing old man a $three five tip. Independence Palace is a historical relic, the internal furnishings remain intact: conference room tables and chairs are complete, like meeting just ended; the war room curtains open military maps, it seems that master left; kitchen complete set kitchenware maintain one’s original pure character, should be the next cooking must begin immediately; the tarmac of helicopter quiet park, may at any time can be lifted off the ground. But it’s all time freezing, is a historical review. Browser a Hu Zhiming city street scenes. In my opinion, the most beautiful, the most poetic architecture was the French left the old building. The Catholic Church pyramidal spire, vertical, doors and windows, stained glass, is a typical example of Gothic architecture. Post office building is a richly ornamented building, the Baroque style. City Hall and opera house, are very classical modern architecture. Vietnam traffic lag.
From the north to the south only for a period of approximately 70 km of expressways. The railway is worse, still use the French left meter gauge railway. In the north, our car was along the railway opened three or four hours, did not see a train by. When the car crosses the Railway mouth, saw someone on duty rails crossing, no rust, this is one is the use of the line. In the Mekong River near the bridge on, finally saw a column through freight trains. I really want to do not understand, they railway usage why so low.
Traffic tool and North, private jet. Only traffic more huge, was even more amazing. Wagon flow billow, topple the mountains and overturn the seas, the motor sound, deafen the ear with its roar. No red and green barrier, pedestrians can not cross the road. Out of Hu Zhiming city the day before the evening, we walked along the street, want to enjoy the beautiful night view of Eastern Paris. In the traffic signal is how-to below, I was crossing the road. When waiting for a traffic light motorcycle heap out of a motorcycle. I was surprised: this guy did go through a red light? Quicker than words can tell, motorcycle was coming toward me. I instinctively recoiled two step. While walking to a motorized hand, reaches out to snatch my bag. Fortunately, avoidance of timely, runaway thief did not succeed. The thief left hand side, side of thigh, be annoyed. The guide is to remind us, beware the thief out robbers, but did not want to do so rampant in the downtown area, so arrogant.

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