I love hurt me deeply

Your home is not because I don’t have a stable job didn’t agree with us? I said when I was working stability will find you, leave this for more than two months, I really miss you, I work hard to support relation to in the unit ‘s work, now found, would have in your June 11th birthday to give you a surprise. All my efforts for a sentence: we have not be together. Why? Why do to hurt me? You did not say you home because I do not have a fixed work without consent? Now I have a stable job, why are you doing this to me, what is all this why? I go through untold hardships for relations that we found in the work, you left me just one sentence: I wish you happiness, good luck! When you are not in your home in your ancestors, dead dad in front of the tomb that regard me as your family通過按揭的貸款方式選擇 | 本港目前所有樓宇按揭服務 | 按揭服務的管理機制?
Why then say to take an oath devoutly, now all changed. Why so cruel to me? I can’t understand, can’t accept. The unit I didn’t go to work, for your sake I look for the job, because I don’t want the government to do, I can ‘t stand in front of those people behind a set of a set of faces. Now this job for me has no meaning, nor do I want to do what he does not enjoy doing. Let me be the one to go.
I really love you, no matter how hard I try to accept another feeling, my mind still think of you, I hate myself why I can not forget, do you have any good, you have I lost. Friends have been telling me, over his past, to cherish the present, but the person in front of me better for me the more I feel guilty, I love him to the bone marrow to go, I will never forget him, only to forget who I am.
I love hurt me deeply, to the end my whole body is full of scars, why let me hurt so deep, live up to my so serious, too much doubt too much sad, how can I face those questions?
I don’t believe in love按揭購房的多重選擇 | 新置住房按揭要留心 | 為你介紹一些住房按揭貸款產品 … … ..

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