Japanese medium started taunting

The Japanese medium started taunting:It’s too weak to avoid thunders to all make a not good technique

Taiwanese consociation news net report way, the mainland moves car occurrence to seriously fall to bridge murder case, the Japanese medium start greatly doing an article.The Japanese news net thinks that the affairs makes mainland high speed railway driven into Washington’s dream to fall through this time, head for in the world, is postponed for 5-10 years at least, even longer time.

The analysis also points out that this Chinese mainland moves a car to collide with each other to fall to bridge tragic incident, should has already moved a car technique problem and there is also the system problem to operate to manage.High-speed railroad train in the Chinese mainland doesn’t have good device and technique for avoiding thunder, this isn’t apprehensible.Meet thunder-storm the weather to cut the power to be forced to park the car, show the flimsiness of Chinese mainland high speed railway technique.

Moreover, the front railroad train stops driving, the follow-up railroad train should also immediately stop driving, and this is the most basic railroad operation management technique.The trouble of night before last suggests that although Chinese mainland Mass Rapid Transit railroad train has already opened 350 kilometer soon, system’s managing basically don’t keep up with.
Medium day high speed railway past several years continuously explosion copy, infringement, who excellent who inferior dispute, the mainland continuously emphasizes independence innovation, but Japan repeatedly accuses mountain Zhai of plagiarizing.The Kawasaki, Japan heavy work company leaders last year accepted a Wall Steet Journal interview keep speech, “oneself and other high-speed railroad train manufacturers, not approved Chinese mainland high speed railway enounce create from have technical parlance.”

The traveller railroad Inc. president Ge west of Japan East China Sea also said while respecting it, accepting financial Times in England to visit in the past, the Chinese mainland continuously developed of the Mass Rapid Transit profession “steal”s a foreign technique, and greatly gave discount on the safety.

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