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First Chinese descent’s congressman on suspicion of in the United States invades to declare a resignation
The United States first Chinese descent congressman Wu Zhen Wei declare on the 26th, he will at beautiful debt upper limit the crisis solve after formal resign.This has already served another term seven democracy party affiliations the congressman is controled sex to invade more than a year recently the old friend and election contribute money the person’s 18-year-old daughter.

Wu Zhen Wei means in his pronouncement, the opportune moment of resignation has been already arrived, because he can not give attention to both work and care good family of congress, in the meantime still need to deal with these is called that it is “very serious accusation” by him.

However, Wu Zhen Wei says, his resignation intends will the resolution(pass in the congress) young man in the beautiful debt upper limit effect.”This to my family, is all right decision to Lower House and my colleague.”Wu adds to say:”This is also the most important work that Washington is handling to don’t need to encounter abstracted only right decision.”

Wu Zhen Wei of this decides to make him leave office to really slice date to be full of indetermination, in Washington, concerning beautiful debt upper limit of the negotiation is still placed in logjam, two party the parliamentarian is contending for to divide Duo second ground consultation and tries in the August 2 beautiful debt to break contract the upper limit of the big limit approach premise high national obligation.

Wu Zhen Wei also means in the pronouncement, can become an U.S. Congress councilman, especially is the emigrant’s kid to become political American person, is “the biggest honor” in his whole life.

May, this year a girl declares Wu Zhen Wei to force to have sexual behavior with it during the period of last year Thanksgiving Day to Wu Zhen Wei’s office hair speech mail, Wu Zhen’s Wei scandal consequently matter hair.According to the report way, the girl who hasn’t disclosed name is 18 years old this year, just in 2010 graduation in the senior high school, its father is the classmate of Wu Zhen Wei senior high school, are also good several years friend and campaign fund to donate a person.

Wu Zhen Wei’s denial he has illegal behavior, but admitted this”sex matter”, and declare categorically to mutually agree.

After matter delivers, American political arena appeals the noise of shouting day Gao of Wu Zhen Wei’s resignation, the associate inside his party also “incise”s with him in succession.The minority leader of Lower House who is the same as a democracy party affiliation wears Luo the west address a letter to Lower House morals committee to request to formally investigate this matter on the 25th.

This front, Wu Zhen Wei once experienced a two crisis as well to nearly ruin future prospects.BE made public by the opponent while running for congressman in 2004 at up once forced an ex- girl friend to have sexual behavior but encountered a punishment during the days in the university;Elected an eve last year middle he was suddenly become peculiar by Pu behavior and temperament and also made use of the son’s and wildly delivered an E-mail harassment staff, especially that tiger clothing shone on to become laughing stock more.However Wu Zhen Wei finally dissolved this two crisis and successfully served another term congressman, until the integrity in old age doesn’t protect this time.

56 years old get Wu Zhen Wei the ancestral home Suzhou, Jiangsu, China was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 6 years old move to the United States with the family, win an election for the federal congressman of the first Chinese descent in the United States in 1998, serve another term seven times after.After the resignation of Wu Zhen Wei, the U.S. Congress only leaves the congressman of being the same as the democracy party one Zhao Mei Xin, Chinese descent’s voice will be weakened

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