Hong disaster especially

Korea connects to decline for three days, the rain-storm suffers for 104 years a meet a big Hong disaster especially
Korea Seoul, city Ji and river original, Pusan with celebrate south etc. the region have declined since the afternoon of July 26 next a hundred years a see of strong rainfall, result in several mudslide, traffic jam, the power is off, street and living quarter inundation.
According to the Korean newspaper news, central disaster safe counterplan in Korea this said, Seoul, city Ji way and river the genuine area started connecting to decline for three days from the 26th at first, rain-storm, have already resulted in 60 people’s deaths in the whole Korea and 10 people up to the 11:00 on the night of the 28th rain-storm disappearance.

The report way said that the main trouble that the rain-storm causes has:On the 27th, the cow sleep hole, square of Rui grass area in Seoul carry hole, south on the cow sleep hole, square of Rui grass area in Seoul’s back too Ling etc. the region successively the mountain body slippery ascent happen and capture 16 life lifes;River original way a few hostels of the spring Chuan new north is pressed by the mudslide to ruin, result in Ren and university 13 student death;A factory of Ji way ascent state in city also encounters mudslide raid and leaves 3 people dead.In addition, Ji Tao Kuang state in the city and embrace the Chuan, fruit Chuan and east bean Chuan, Long Ren and Lian Chuan, Li state and equal region someone also member death and disappearance.

Because parts of regions still probably appear flood and mountain body slippery ascent etc., number in seeking refuge of Seoul for 1048 door 1638 people and the city Ji way for 4071 door 8962 people’s etc.s totally appear 519310776 victim of disasters.

The report way of Han Lian She said that from 5:00 A.M. the 26-29th of total amount rainfall, the east bean Chuan is the most and reach to 679.5 millimeters(the declining water unit all is a millimeter as follows), is afterward and one by one in order a Seoul(591) and Wen mountain(494), spring Chuan(543) and iron at first(356.1), Lin hoof(368.0), Pusan.(246.0)

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