Korean soap opera on Japan

Thousand people come together a television station protest to excessively broadcast a Korean soap opera on Japan

Japan on the 7th around 2500 people come together to parade to demonstrate before Fuji television station and protest against that that pedestal excessively broadcasts a Korean soap opera.But because of should parade to haven’t yet is granted by the local police, therefore outward enounce a “stroll”, not a few parents take a children during the period of”stroll”ing continuously Gao Han’s”Han Liu eroded Fuji”, “stop Han Liu’s phenomenon”, “the Korean return my peninsula!”Wait slogan.

According to the “today news” news in Taiwan, Japan brings about the unrest of”anti- Han Liu” recently, be just pushing to criticize a Fuji television station to broadcast an excessive Korean soap opera especially(Twitter) from Japanese actor, Gao Gang Cang, , set off a topic, not a few net friends criticize the Fuji television station”Mei”.

In addition, recently again because of sovereignty in the bamboo island controversy, let the Japanese net friend’s anti- emotion rapidly rise, not only start to refuse the activity of seeing the Fuji television station, but also come together protest before calling for a net friend to that television station, not a few housewifes and high school students all have participation to parade this time.And this parade also through Japan website broadcast live, there are 10 totally and around appreciating.

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