Central bank in Korea

Central bank in Korea maintains policy interest rate constantly
Central bank(Bank of Korea) in Korea in a row the second month maintains basis interest rate constant, because in consideration of the global market significantly flaps to concuss and pluses around the misgiving of main export market healthy condition in Korea to turn worse, central bank in Korea chooses to carefully push a policy to turn as usual.

Korean month in Thursday of central bank degree interest rate meeting up as expected maintain policy interest rate constant in 3.25%.

By several days, owing to the American reputation rating encounters under adjust in the market to cause controversy, in the meantime surround global economy may again sink into a decadent misgiving to turn worse, many analysts changed central bank in Korea to add the expectation of interest.

Consumer from July in Korea price index number(CPI) the rise rises to 4.7% from 4.4% in June, in a row the seventh month outran central bank 2% in Korea-4% target zones.

The this week accepts 15 analysts of the Dow-Jones Si correspondent(Dow Jones Newswires) survey to win in early time, 11 people’s anticipating central bank in Korea will maintain basis interest rate constant in this month, other 4 people then anticipate a central bank to add an interest 25 radicles order.

Central bank in Korea soon will release a policy pronouncement, the central bank goes a long show of gold Zhong(Kim Choong-soo) later on will in Greenwich Mean Time 0220 hold a news conference.

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