Korean ruling party represents

The Korean ruling party represents to request marine corps to station only an island
Medium the new net gives or gets an electric shock according to the report way of Han Lian She on August 15, Korea governs of big national party representative the Hong quasi- Biao requests a government to station marine corps on the 14th in day exists sovereignty controversy only island(Japan calls a bamboo island), but the green tile pedestal maintains careful attitude to this.

Green tile set tall officer means on that day that the green tile set thinks, being ruling party representative can make the above-mentioned request.Request to this, the premier has already meant in the congress and will do farsighted consideration from now on.This is the position of Korean government.

But that tall officer means worry, “consideration”ing a make the island become a dispute region.He also points out that police at only on duty in the island and marine corps stations only an island, don’t know to have a dissimilarity.

Green tile set is responsible for the officials of the diplomacy safe business to also mean, the Korean government hasn’t hard once considered to station marine corps up to now only insular problem.Another staff officer also means that if beneficial to Korea, will certainly quickly carry out, whether wanting to judge first of importance is beneficial to Korea.If the possibility that the diplomatic existence creation disputes then need not adopt the above-mentioned measure.

The report way analysis said that could see from the above-mentioned reaction of green tile pedestal, the Korean government would respect the ruling party representative’s assertion, but saw very difficult implementation from the realistic angle.

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