Japan trades receipt

Japan trades receipt and expenditure July the second month carry out surplus in a row
According to common agency news in Japan, Japanese finance saves the trade statistics(taking customs clearance as is quasi-) data that announces on the 18th to suggest and trades the surplus that the receipt and expenditure carried out 72,500,000,000 yens(about 6,000,000,000 dollars renminbi) July, this is after June in a row the second month carry out surplus.Although Japan just after coming out earthquake gradually significant fall, the surplus amount of money still compared to reduce 90.8% with month last year and fell to the lowest level.

Japan trades the surplus as 68,600,000,000 yens June and is also placed in almost same alike lower level July.The exit in July is with the production instauration but gradual rally of metalwork machine etc. profession.However is decelerated by global economy and yen appreciation influence, trade surplus to will extend to still exist indetermination smoothly from now on.

Very fruitful business turned there in order to cope with statistics project

Because of ships, electronics zero parts etc. exports are overcast, the exit sum in July is 5,781,900,000,000 yens and together compared to reduce 3.3%, already connect reduce for 5 months.Import because of crude oil, liquefied natural gas etc. increment but together ratio increase 9.9%, attain 5,709,400,000,000 yens, increase continuously for 19 months

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