Real estate income

Real estate income head super tour overseas Chinese’s city is first half year of to sell building to make money more
The tour comprehensive business income appears a negative growth, the real estate business under the yoke of policy adjusts to control to increase to soon slow down, have been being traveling and real estate two tectonic plates battle in the meantime of overseas Chinese the city A(000069. SZs) is first half year of to appear operating revenue and net profit smooth double of decline.

Though having been denying oneself is real estate business enterprise, overseas Chinese’s city first half year of real estate business income comparison has already risen to 58%, for the very first time exceed tour comprehensive business income, the main business duty real estate turns trend gradually obvious.

Copy the bottom two types of stocks after tumbling
July come now 10 greatest cow Wang Ya3 Wei only win 2 Lin mineral stones to rise in price 15 concept opportunities highlight a this week to lift the ban a sum 11,800,000,000 wreath ratios descend near 90% beautiful connect fall a this week market to stare at Bo2 Nan Ke to talk[grind a report]clean rate in the banking City only 1.300% the Jians are 5[tiny Bo]run quickly!Start a business the plank slump is once again inheritted[]do not embrace to fantasize the big dish still have to fall at 300:00 a large-scale turn ground investment and owe debt a business model bottom over a long period of time, the property liabilities of overseas Chinese’s city rate continuously goes up, while three Weis in the nation unite call stop examination and approval theme park item in the place, again give overseas Chinese the scale of the city extend even add 1 F of shadow.

The operating revenue net profit is smooth double of to decline

Half year that releases on August 20 according to overseas Chinese’s city reports, the company carries out operating revenue 5,869,000,000 dollars and descends 7.90% than the last year same period in the first half of 2011;Carry out business profits 1,483,000,000 dollars, compared to descend 18.58% last year same period;Carry out smooth 1,090,000,000 dollars of net profit, compared to descend 19.23% last year same period.

This also is overseas Chinese city from 2009 the main business practicality was whole to become available in the market now the operating revenue appear of for the very first time descend.Currently, the main business duty of overseas Chinese’s city includes a tour comprehensive, real estate and paper pack business three greatest tectonic plate.

At main business duty income in, the first half year of overseas Chinese city carries out a tour to synthesize business income for 2,073,000,000 dollars, together compare descend 44.2%.Overseas Chinese city in the middle of announcing explanation said, the main reason is more income structure the last year same period take place variety.

The real estate business is first half year of to carry out income of 3,380,000,000 dollars, together compare to increase 50.41%, increase speed a little bit last year whole years 116.31% but dictum showed to slow down.

Take the tour comprehensive item as a purpose to carry on into a slice to develop to the land, arouse a real estate market after the perfect slice of area kit and infusion cultural content, sell output cash and profits to feed parents a tour by real estate business again, the overseas Chinese city mode has already successfully made duplicate 23 line cities in front-line city in Peking, and Shanghai…etc. and Wuhan, Kunming, and Tai state…etc. currently.

The thorough development of overseas Chinese city mode arouses real estate to start outstripping a tour comprehensive business, the first half year of real estate income is risen to 58% by 40% in last year at the comparison of overseas Chinese’s city.

But because of the real estate market suffer to continuously adjust to control, overseas Chinese’s city is located on the Xi city of Shenzhen in the first half of 2011 item sale the disregard think, in the meantime district in Shenzhen the point item this year is the business real estate happiness coast, the thing industry’s overseas Chinese’s city intends to be whole to hold, but the district item big part out of same period Shenzhen hasn’t canned go into city and causes the company revenue decrease.

The overseas Chinese city means that is adjusted by real estate to control policy influence, and real estate product structure more the last year same period has differentiation and conduct an accomplishment slightly have been already descended.Settle accounts area to descend, the work project reason can make the real estate business settled accounts area to compare to descend together and make the company income decrease.

The wide hair stock certificate(000776, ) research paper thinks that adjust to control along with the real estate of keep on, will increase the sale difficulty of overseas Chinese city real estate item.The introduction that cites Executive Director, Chen Jian, of the overseas Chinese city real estate company in Shenzhen according to the medium has already built 13 overseas Chinese’s cities and nine greatest theme parks in the national scope currently.In 2011~the Year 2012′s the real estate business include Shenzhen, Peking, Shanghai in the product and become all, 23 items of Wuhan, Tienjin, etc.9 cities in Xian.

In 23 above-mentioned items there are 9 in Shenzhen, while overseas Chinese’s city be all located on Wuhan and become, the residence item of etc. ground in Xian also all buy in the limit of row, the continuously adjusting of the real estate market controls to regard high level residence as principle of overseas Chinese’s city bring a challenge.

Property liabilities rate again go up

The national hair changes Wei and the national territory resources department, housing and the city country construction department to unite a hair text on August 5, in bar of blindly constuct a theme park everywhere, print hair from this notice of from day, all can not grant to constuct new theme park item everywhere;Have already carried out an examination and approval procedure but haven’t begun to work the item of construction, can not start work construction, either.

This time theme park construction that call to stop a local government examination and approval is thought idea at the having of norm theme park preface competition with take theme park as of in great quantities store behavior, is a real estate to adjust to control of continue.

The overseas Chinese that regard theme park as principle the city mode consequently face many indetermination factors.The research paper of China Tai consociation stock certificate thinks that overseas Chinese’s city has been already started work currently after setting up item temporary and can’ting be subjected to influence, but draw up to obtain item for time and willing push.

Currently, the overseas Chinese city expects to examine and approve before the theme park item setting up has Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Tienjin overseas Chinese’s city and overseas Chinese’s city in Yunnan and all have already completed and start work construction, therefore can’t be subjected to call the influence for stopping.But the company draws up to add of overseas Chinese’s city in Qingdao and Wen Yu He’s item in Peking, beard etc. the hair change Wei concrete norm measure the pedestal juniors go, time anticipating to obtain will postpone behind.

The development that presses overseas Chinese’s city in 2011 plans, company whole year travels comprehensive business kit the real estate and real estate business plan opening area for 1,430,000 square meters, planning can sell the area as 1,510,000 square meters.

It particularly starts work the item of construction to contain Shanghai Su river gulf, happiness coast, Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Yunnan overseas Chinese’s city, and Tienjin overseas Chinese city…etc. in 2011.But along with the increment of a great deal of item development and land storage, overseas Chinese city funds the pressure continuously enlarge.

On March 4, overseas Chinese’s city releases to announce to call, draw up for company 2011~2012 years an overseas Chinese city group the application entrust to borrow funds toward the parent company, the limit is 13,000,000,000 dollars and mainly carry on a funds blood transfusion to the items, such as overseas Chinese’s city and Tienjin overseas Chinese city…etc. of Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Shanghai Su river gulf and Yunnan.

A series of raise Cuo to bring an overseas Chinese city property liabilities the rate for successive years increase.According to announcing a data statistics, the overseas Chinese city distinguishes to 61.49%, 63.56% and 65.83% and 69.7% in the property liabilities rate of 2007 year-ends, 2008 year-ends, 2009 year-ends and 2010 year-endses and rises to 72.3% in the first half of 2011

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