make an agreement 4 grounds

Shanghai and Japan is with each other three grounds of to sign a tour to make an agreement 4 grounds to push tour circuit
For strengthen Shanghai and Japanese bird and take county and Kang-shan County with wide island county at travel to make sight-seeing trip realm of exchanges and cooperation, promote further four grounds of tour industries of the fusion development, this morning, Shanghai City travels the wide work labor bureau, the industry labor department of Japan Kang-shan County of company from county in island in difference in the bureau and Japan and Japanese bird took county culture sightseeing bureau to sign two sides to travel friendly exchanges and cooperation pact.

Shanghai City travels the bureau chief with clear book from way in bureau, Japanese bird take county cultural sightseeing bureau to add the rattan gift two bureau chiefs, the industry labor department of Japan Kang-shan County difficult wave an also minister and Japan wide company from county in island the work labor Jin mountain in the bureau keep ascending the bureau chief attend rites also is representative is making an agreement an in the book signing.Make an agreement of signing and willing actively push with each other visiting of 4 and encourage industry actively exchanges and actively help the other party in the tour promo in this district.

Shanghai City travels international tour in the bureau helps long Li Bin in the everywhere to truly say in the middle of addressing, it is a bridge that rises civil comity to travel, it is the shortcut of folks diplomacy to travel and pass tour exchanges, can promote both parties’ mutual comprehension and deepen comity.Three grounds of the histories with long-term and friendly contacts and exchanges in Shanghai and Japan hope on the original good exchanges foundation and strengthen two further country 4 ground at travel the cooperation and exchanges of industry, strengthen two many citizens comities further, 4 grounds release more better exquisite article tours mutually circuit, make the bird taken, Kang-shan, wide island three county county the owned by private capital Be more to come to the choice of Hu tour.The joint effort that believes after four grounds of tour industries, can definitely get rid of “3.11″ heavy earthquakes in Japan as soon as possible to medium day double to travel the influence that the industry results in, thus together promote medium the day travel the prosperity development of industry.

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