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The several tour safe trouble happen in Nepal this net the reporter pay to recruit for the Chinese visitor

Currently, Nepal bordering with our country is placed in raining season and goes to the Chinese visitor whom Nepal travels to take place several safe trouble, this year, have already had two Chinese visitors to is drowned to die in Nepal, China halts a Ni embassy to release the regulation that the Chinese visitor leaves for a Ni tour on the 24th.This net comes to international broadcasting station round-the-world information broadcasting in on-line China to halt south second reporter, Wang Chao, and understands to once go to Nepal to travel to need a little bit advertent problems.

Host:Wang Chao how are you, first invite you to us under the introduction the weather circumstance of recent Nepal, also in the meantime please make us introduce once and go to Nepal to travek, which places Be worth going to, which places can not go again?

Reporter:All right, Nepal got into raining season from mid- June, recently the air temperature in Nepal is still feater of, about 25 degrees, but basically will have rainfall every day, probably will stop next more than 10 minutes, may also next 12 hour, the rainfall has been piercing through in the whole season.Plentiful rain water also the small river, big river ground of mountain area come to quickly soaring of the water level, will bring some natural disaster such as the disaster of Hong Lao, mountain body slippery ascents in the meantime as well.

Nepal is specially a nation that suits a journey, it is the Himalayas located on the vein south Lu to enrich of history cultural inheritance and grand view of the high mountain natural scene be known for.Canyon region in Katmandu in place in capital city Katmandu, people can expect square to see ancient templeses of experiencing successively a few century rains and winds in the Du, there is still in the meantime the most ancient Buddhism of Asia the saint vestige-monkey temple, also have already let a person the surprised gorgeous Pa Tan etc. historic monument in ancient imperial palace.But take unusual prosperous national forest park as the representative’s numerous bush regions, then explore the paradise of the tours, people can ride elephant to walk up a bush, the close quarter gets in touch with only Cape Xi, Ze ground crocodile etc. wildlife.

Raining season after, because of declining increasing of water, many rivers small river force of the current is very fierce, so everyone doesn’t want to easily enter water and avoid being drowned.And in the bush region, the raining season plant grows very luxuriantly, the wildlife is also very active and by this time should be careful into and avoid encountering the circumstance of otiose danger.Still need to avoid going to a rare rice to button up especially, wood Si pond etc. up to now still the region in the impassability road walking tour.Close concern the weather condition, the reasonable chooses for a date of line, if meet rain-storm to wait bad weather, seek shelter from rain to avoid insurance nearby.If take part in outdoor items, such as driftage and swimming…etc., should notice an ego protection, can not carry on alone.

Host:Boon, do we know that Nepal is a Buddhism nation to, while getting in touch with with native son, have some customses to need to be noticed?Moreover, at traveling to have in caution don’t with elephant etc. the animal play, frolic, this again is why?

Reporter:Is such, Nepal still has in the customs a lot of pay attention to of, needing the visitors is more careful, must respect the Nepali’s customs and habits and religion and faith, don’t be without restraint wild for.For example, get into temples and take off shoe, can not loudly clamor.The no taking skin gets into temples.The crowd of oblation product and dynasty saint that doesn’t want to touch to send into temples.Still have, don’t touch the kid’s head expression intimate, because the Nepali thinks the head is a sacred place, can not easily touch to touch an etc..

As for don’t play around with elephant, main reason is Nepal is provided for visitor to ride line of although the elephant tames to turn after artificial,still has certain untamed nature and much changes because of open country circumstance complications particularly while riding an elephant trip, elephant while feeling dangerous usually crazy big hair.Once had a to the Chinese husband and wife about 30 years old after the park once rode elephant, the husband wanted to match a shadow with elephant, the station is in the elephant before the body and it”intimate contact”, didn’t expect have already run about more than two hours and didn’t get alimental elephant and suddenly get mad, tie up this man’s neck and fiercely turn round with the trunk, make him suffocate there and then, afterwards is sending to the on the way of hospital and dying.

Host:The time seen to travel, the safe problem is the important event that the life has relation to.Moreover, we go out a tour, affirmation will along with take some cashes.But China’s embassy in Nepal is traveling to remind a Chinese visitor in the caution, obey Nepal’s rules to the currency managements, such as USD and rupee…etc., the circumstance of this aspect, please make us introduce in detail.

Reporter:Nepal practices landing visa system to the Chinese citizen, therefore many people feel this a national everyone the noodles policy is actually all very relaxed, but isn’t such, Nepal is an exchange control nation, general visitor’s everybody the immigrations can not take more than USD 5000 foreign currencies each time, super have to carry on declaring.In the meantime, Nepali rupee’s strictly forbiding more is taken out Nepal, otherwise will be confiscated by the maritime customs.Recently, take a Nepali rupee departure for many Chinese visitors, or had to confiscated a great deal of cash after being investigated and searched by Nepali police as for activity that be engaged in trade in Nepal as a visitor.The local legation reminds to leave for Ni the Chinese visitor obeys Ni law, don’t be engaged in business activity to avoid otiose economic loss.If carry on a business activity, must apply for business visa and work visa according to the regular path, and complete satisfactorily in Nepal to inshorely pay a tax etc. the affair launch a business activity like this again after.

Host:Okay, Wang Chao, thank you of remind and suggest, also hope to have Nepal to travel planned friend, can suggest according to these, the arrangement likes your route of travel and spends the itinerary of delectation but safety in Nepal.

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