established recently

The Chinese tour view area association established recently

The Chinese tour view area association establishes general assembly and the first-time general meeting interborough E Er much Si City convene in Inner Mongolia.The nation travels vice- president of association Du of vice- bureau chief in the bureau, Chinese tour association river, nation tour party in the bureau constitute a member and program a finance department department chief, China tour association vice- president of association literature Wu, and more than 400s from the whole whole country tour view area and parties concerned represent attendance meeting.

Du river says in the middle of addressing, Chinese tour view area association is adjust our country each kind of tour view area development of inevitable outcome, is also our country deepen system reform, enhance an association working talent, make the industry greatly developed of inevitable request.Hope China travel view area the association can well develop working talents, such as service, coordination and direct, self-discipline…etc. and function, for tour industry of the development make to lately and largerly contribute.

According to know, the Chinese tour view area association mainly constitutes to°from the member of 5 A classes in the whole country and the 4 A class view area.The meeting discussion passed 《Chinese tour view area association stand rule 》, 《Chinese tour view area association membership dues standard and manage way 》, the election produced association first batch council, the election produced president of association, vice- president of association and Secretary-general.Overseas Chinese’s city controls a group chief executive officer, Liu Ping Chun, win an election for the Chinese tour view area association president of association.

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