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Tour, economy energy the environmental protection topic offend to guard and have
Near the index number appear instauration to up on the 5th, but topic investment of the rate of return appear obviously active evidence.District topic in Xinjiang soars 7.04% to explain under the background that the big dish rises, the structure opportunity significantly outstrips big dish.Sparse soil the Ci topic always soars 6.08% and exceeds rate of return to gradually present, the incitement that points a futures tectonic plate to also appear to obviously soar, mainly is subjected to RQFII and turns a congenial mechanism.The above data explains that the topic opportunity to invest still keeps hasing the possibility that outstrip the big dish.Topic portfolio the tallest rate of return of rate of return was 9.80% last week and expected to accept behind narrow to-1.88%.

Market environment:the tour peak season arrive, State Department economizes on energy an environmental protection policy to release

The data suggests that 2011 middle, the income of view area sub- profession together compares to increase 20%, the rights net profit is smooth to together compare to increase 49%;Middle ROE(can compare) is 4.51% and together compare to significantly promote 1.2 percentage points.The main industry gross profit rate greatly increases, finance expenses the rate descends, is an origin to expect the reason that the profits increases soon far high income to increase soon.The three quarters degree will get into to estimate a value to cut over a period, the another stanza day off etc. factor will make tectonic plate north bound the space open further.In the meantime, State Department often works a meeting top the discussion passed 《national groundwater pollution treatment programming 》.The meeting puts forward, till 2015, the first step controls a groundwater pollution source, the first step suppresses the groundwater fluid matter depravation trend and builds up groundwater environment to take charge of system completely;Pollute source realization overall supervision to the typical model groundwater till 2020, the important groundwater drinking headwaters fluid matter safety gets a basic guarantee, the point groundwater fluid matter in the region obviously improvement, the groundwater environment takes charge of ability overall exaltation, Be finished groundwater pollution treatment system.In order to attain the above-mentioned target, the meeting puts forward following measure: hold firmly to develop a groundwater pollution condition survey and valuation, the dilimitation groundwater pollution manages area and defend to control area and general sanctuary.Raise the town life wastewater treatment rate and time to use a rate, strengthen garbage to fill to cover up construction and manage…etc.

Topic judgment:tour, economy energy the environmental protection topic offend to guard and have

Comprehensive above judge, tour the topic is real the of potential having high growth estimate a value beginning to have an attraction. Tour the tectonic plate estimate a value to see at present, up to last weekend, travel point company 2011 dynamic state PE the arithmetic all was worth 32.700%.But according to unanimously expecting calculating tour tectonic plate the dynamic state estimates to be worth in 201132.700%, the point company is whole to estimate to be worth 31.800%.Suggest the long-term development motive of point concern the view area son profession, can pay attention to the E eyebrow mountain(000888), Yunnan tour(002059), yellow mountain tour appropriately.(600054)We think in the meantime that economizing on energy the environmental protection profession is to transform economy point profession, it develops space huge.Our point concern is subjected to a benefit in”25″ periods the wastewater treatment profession “quantity”s “quality” double listed company for promoting.Combine a current market investment in the meantime hobby, from start a business the plank win election to take a high-quality company

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