Ji to treat to try a line

The departure moves tour electronic commerce Ji to treat to try a line
According to anticipate, till 2015, the global ambulation pays a market to attain USD 670,000,000,000, the year all passes to increase 35.83%.Pay the foundation of basic maturity in the inshore tour electronics up, will should concentrate energy to open a Zha departure to move a tour from now on the electronics pay and especially and HongKong-Macau spend a holiday a market, should the head open to try a line.

In 2011, it is that China is offshore to spend a holiday to develop for not of the common run year.Each traditional travel agency, on-line tour website and airline in succession the strong dint makes moves, in addition to international ticket, offshore cabaret, offshore tour product, moving the tour electronic commerce will become one of the main battlefield of business model innovation.The intelligence cellular phone customer passes the usage blackberry App World and iTunes App Store, or Android Market search and download, search and comparison travel information, reserve a ticket cabaret to wait tour product, non- intelligence cellular phone the customer use GPRS or 3 Gs to get to the Internet and get into an on-line tour website to reserve a product, moving to travel electronic commerce not only overaly the people of inshore spend a holiday, also include offshore spend a holiday.

In recent years, moving the tour electronic commerce has already become power, hold a distance, skill dragon, go to where etc.’s on-line tour website release his/her own wireless customer to carry in succession, the country sail releases ambulation customer to carry, and the south sail releases message boarding service, but the current basic characteristics has two:One is limit at local ticket and cabaret product, holding the wireless customer of distance and skill dragon to carry can not reserve an offshore tour product.Two is move a tour search, search function strong, on-line reserve to pay function with electronics weak.For example, the wireless customer who uses a local airline carries, the traveller can not reserve its international service and not mention to more to carry out an electronics to pay.Whole up popularly say to is “civil war expert, outside war amateur”.But outside the sail obviously walks ahead noodles, for example, Malaysia Asian airline(Air Asia) will this year September 21 since the overall implementation self-help get on board service, the international traveller can use a cellular phone the customer carry procedure and automatically carry out the boarding procedure of international service.

According to tour ministrant stage divide the line, is divided into “tour front”, “tour in” and”tour empress”.Searches and reserves tour product towards lying to say in the on-line tour, the tour”tour front”, mainly pass an Internet currently, travel wireless ministrant convenience, transparence and instant, make the tour able to anywhere carry on a tour search, comparison and change at any time.

BE spending a holiday on the travel, spend a holiday demand in a row search tour information, need the vivid adjustment spend a holiday an arrangement and need to face the sudden affairs of on the travel and arrange at the time, for example, the weather is bad to make the service delay, check-in luggage been on business wrong, traffic accident, surprised dispute affairs, spend a holiday change a route of travel to change a label ticket etc. on one’s own initiative, also for example, spend a holiday is on vacation to still need to handle various worthy information, the safety rescues service, transportation to navigate service, move guide’s service, geography position search etc..At this stage, the tradition travels the convenience, fast of electronic commerce greatly give discount, especially offshore spend a holiday of”trip in” stage, move tour of the advantage rear entirely.

After spending a holiday to end, travel to move service still keep being a convenient tool, travel for example the usage’s cellular phone carried on the most instant evaluation to the cabaret that just checked out.

Spend a holiday but talk to the departure, the core moving to travel electronic commerce moves an electronics to pay.The electronics that the local tour acquaints with currently pays a way to contain three major types, the first is cyber cash, for example electronic cash(e-cash), E-Wallet;The second is the electronics credit card and for example include intelligence card and borrow to record card etc.;The third is the electronics check.The visitor uses a tour ambulation the electronics pay and be limited by domestic more to swim currently.Mr. Wang of Peking holds a wife to spend a holiday to Hong Kong and wants to reserve the returning of country sail city ticket in Hong Kong, because of canning not carry out to move a wireless to pay, Mr. Wang has to make service telephone call first to reserve, then, in certain time inside, go to counter of country sail at Hong Kong to pay.

In addition, tour ambulation the video frequency will become new of main force hot point.According to the survey, the customer the opponent machine video frequency advertisement accepts a degree better, the “can accept an interested in cellular phone advertisement”s customer has to compare 42.0%.Customer opponent machine the video frequency is dissatisfied with of aspect, “video frequency property fee Gao” has compare 66.4%, in fact, and generally make sight-seeing trip the tour compares and spend a holiday the need contains special, stability and high level, the information consideration first, the price consideration resides a time, so, support a fee to the video frequency the sensitive is not and pretty much.Tour advertisement, scene publicity short subject etc. move video frequency tour advertisement of the market space is very extensive.

Second half year of this year, China is offshore to spend a holiday into a rapid development of period, the airline distinctly increases to establish offshore flight path and would is one of the outstanding signals.This year September 17, international airline(TG) instauration morning class in”Peking-Bangkok” in Thailand flies directly to flight path;On September 25, the sea sail increases to open “seaport-Singapore” flight path, through Singapore, the traveller can easily win to turn to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Po Si etc.46 Southeast Asias and Australia city.On November 8, the south sail lately opens Si flight path in Peking-Guangzhou-Po.Take south sail as an example, in the winter of 2011 spring sail quarter, fly to the luck dint in Australia to increase to every week 35 class, fly to New Zealand carry dint to reach every week 7 classes, fly to the luck dint in Oceania to increase to every week 42 class.From here, the departure spends a holiday tour market immediately warmly to like, departure ambulation electronic commerce’s trying the market demands in the line has been already modeled.

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