Report in tour

Report in tour in Xian the net profit soars 110200%
Medium the report disclose of after curtain formally pull up, the accomplishment index sign of listed company is also all to float a surface.In all listed companies, the accomplishment index number of tour in Xian changes laster year same period can be wide difference, can make it far away be led to the whole A listed company troops:Be belonged to the net profit of listed company shareholder smooth increase 110239.23%, is about 18,810,000 dollars;Each income is 0.0956 dollars and together compare to increase 95500%.

For the variety of accomplishment, tour explanation in Xian is the west trip international item 9-27 F in center apartment inside the report period to finish construction to continuously consign, the real estate income takes up 62.18% of the gross earnings, income structure consequently occurrence a little bit greatly change.But main business duty circumstance watch then suggests, although tour the gross profit of the service industry leads is higher than real estate business,BE reporting inside the period, real estate about 230,000,000 revenues want to be farer high than and travel the service industry revenue of about 140,000,000 dollars.

Medium report show that the information can analyze to know, in order to make the accomplishment kept the power head of growth, tour in Xian have intention to adjust main camp structure, make the real estate business occupied bigger specific weight in the long term.In report said and reported to expect to attain 30.45% inside the real estate business gross profit rate, in the meantime, the company reduced gross profit to lead to travel the tour income of international travel agency limited company in lower Xian.

Seeing from the circumstance that the finance data showed, Xian travels various eyes are inside the report period change range obviously, because of revenue more the last year same period turn over foreign, the administrative expense and sale expenses etc. following also surge.

But because of being subjected to the influence that the first half year of central bank money supply tightens, tour in Xian becomes big in the loan interest pressure of real estate item.Finance expenses more the last year same period increase 900% enough to spares, the main reason of the growth is a big hospital item in the last year’s same period pass, long joy don’t Yang item loan interest capitalization to.

Remarkable BE, although in the as early as quarterly report, tour in Xian namely announce to twist the Kui as Ying and medium the report continued this kind of situation, at first half year of, company at first the second Bo Hong in shareholder Zhejiang investment adviser limited company(called Bo Hong in Zhejiang as follows) again and again reduced to hold.

On May 6, tour in Xian releases to announce and calls that Bo Hong in Zhejiang is between March 9-May 4 1% that passes a concentration Jing price method to reduce to hold about 1,970,000, has total subscribed capital, but checks companies to come and go to announce and can discover, from 2007 up to now, Bo Hong in Zhejiang totally reduces to hold a company stock through six times, and reduces to hold a comparison each time all about 1%.But up to medium report suggest, Bo Hong in Zhejiang holds a comparison to only remain 2.03% currently, row the third shareholder.

Order to review:in the A Gu company, the net profit income of tour in Xian is unattractive, be this unattractive number but make it appear 100000% soaring of enough to spareses with the comparison in same period, this makes the investor canned not helped heart livinging exclamation.Because first half year of the influence of the half-hardy exposition for being subjected to twist Kui and Xian, the stock price performance of tour in Xian at 3-4 months also not very vulgar, but later on stock price namely have a fall.

Have the analysis the personage and thinks, company regardless the performance of a management still a capital market Be every consider to isn’t very strong, whether can keep an accomplishment of long term, have a preface, stable the growth still take time and examine, this also means that companies want and think to get in the capital market is whole and promote, also need and has a longer road of discipline

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