peak season close

Does the peak season close by”drink to travel” plum open two degrees?
The big dish declines to be close to 5% in August, but dining tour and food beverage tectonic plate negative city soar to be close to 3%, the scenery is only good.The Jing is beautiful of win report accomplishment and Mid-Autumn great occasion of nation of close by, become these two tectonic plates to come out the motivation of independent condition of the market.Get into September, the market still keeps facing many indetermination factors, however dining tour and food beverage tectonic plate still will be subjected to benefit festival and lift the resonance of effects, such as price and policy…etc. and continue to”observe a festival”.

“Drink” to”tour”

Observe a festival in advance August

Since August, there was continuously”black swan” to once fly an A sky, cause market’s always covering with various haze.Adjust the rating, outer circle economy motion, and the domestic savings reserve cardinal number extension…etc. under the beautiful debt a series of sudden benefit empty the factor make big dish rapid to decline in the beginning of the month, after keep on a minority vibration.Statistics suggests that the whole August last certificate Zong points to decline 4.97%, deep certificate become point to decline August 4.95%, all is this year the second fall.

However, face various impact and the big dish tired and weak trend at home and abroad, take food beverage, dining tour as the representative’s big consumption tectonic plate but keep on to stimulate.Although Mid-Autumn great occasion of nation double the stanza didn’t go to, funds obviously already the no time for waiting ground start”drink”, “tour”ing and observe a festival in advance.

Add the power average method according to the market capitalization, August 23 shen in case of class profession index number in, only have a dining tour to soar with the food beverage index number realization, and rise all in above 2%, distinguish to 2.82% and 2.71%.The related negative city soars, in the tour of three especially cableway, medium green the trip and Chinese country travel in August difference total amount to soar 18.84%, 10.82% and 9.48%;But ST yellow set, alcoholic wine and gold seed wine etc.6 food beverage the rises in August all in above 10%.

A side is a market to shrink quantity vibration and Chi Chu not ex-, a side is a tour and wet goods of negative power strut about, song of victory Gao Zou.The analytical personage points out that tour and wet goods of so canning suffer a stroke a view in the weak city is only good, main because of Jing beautifully in report an accomplishment and”double stanza” nearby.

According to Wind information data, the dining travels this year the tectonic plate is first half year of the net profit belonging a parent company Be smooth to add up to together compare to increase 25.07%, among them, the tour in Xian, eastern guest house, beautiful river travels, laurel the wood travel etc.9 listed companies carried out the accomplishment of above 100% to increase soon;The food beverage tectonic plate first half year net profit is soon and more smooth to adding up together is more ancient than increasing to be up to 41.51%, the well Gong wine, 3 dollars share and Yi 9 accomplishments of companies, such as benefit share and gold seed wine…etc. increase soon also in above 100%.

The Jing is beautiful of medium the report accomplishment embraces the bottom spirit that the regiment consumes for funds, but Mid-Autumn, 11″double stanza”s of close by, more and constantly promote and boost the morale of funds.History experience suggests that every year of three quarter, all of degrees are domestics to travel the traditional peak season of profession and white spirit profession, consume in the festival of arouse under, the related tectonic plate natural difficult Yan excitement, “observe a festival” in advance in August, came out independent condition of the market.

The markup policy double promotes and boosts

The performance can expect September

The market has been gone to September.See currently, being subjected to August the inflation may still high Qi, save quasi- cardinal number extension to continuously exert pressure a funds noodles and Europe’s debt to expire concentration September etc. domestic and international factor influence, the A stock market field still keeps existing bigger indetermination September.Under this background, can tour and wet goods that have already”observe a festival” in advance August break out once again and continue to win the market at running?

The analytical personage points out that the effect of the festival has already hoped to continue to ferment in September, will significantly push the need of rising the white spirit and tour;At the same time, a new policy expectation that lifts price and tour industry of white spirit, will also become new stock price catalyst.

On August 30, five food liquids announce to announce to call and have provided price of goods space to”five food liquids”s wine product factory since September 10, 2011 to raise 20%-30%.According to know, of current five food liquidses factory price is 509 dollars, if lift price 20%-30%, so it the factory price have already hoped to break 600 dollars, market terminal price or attain 1000 dollars top and bottom.Five food liquids lift price and”double stanza” nearby, may arouse white spirit profession to appear very much a new of markup tide, but the markup expect to hope a push white spirit continues to launch to magnificent and victoriously soar condition of the market.

Say for the tour tectonic plate, the local consumption got stripe to bring tour profession huge explosion dint currently, the arrival of tour peak season would appear quantity price the profession to together rise of very hot situation.In addition, market to tour profession”25″ programming the expectation of pedestal inside the year be continuously also heating and have been already hoped and festival effect resonance, continue to expand the north bound space of the tour.

Walk in the August negative city certainly high behind, white spirit and tour tectonic plate consumed to definitely soar kinetic energy, the medium report accomplishment of also existed bigger divide.If the market great environment is poor and then want the careful basic situation not quite right returning of to adjust risk.

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