travel big development

The sum helps Na ensign the dint push seaport economy and travel big development
The Allah is kind on September 5 give or get an electric shock this year, sum help Na ensign with the plan gram promote international often the year open seaport for chance, the dint pushes seaport industry economy and travel the industry is big to develop.

Quickly push forward seaport passage to change an extension, Hao to across the territory leather belt conveyance, side people with each other city trade area, public take charge of area and economy trade area, town road, reach a town to the plan gram and the plan gram to etc. point item in two per class highway in the swan lake to constuct, quickly develop clean coal, new coal chemical engineering and metal to deeply process item.Limit the low level repeated construction in the meantime, according to processing area loading ability, particularly support to fall to the ground a business enterprise development, work hard for to make the seaport industrial economy had a new breakthrough.

Do to greatly do strong tour brand.Speed the tour industry programming step, usher in the investment business enterprise of having the real strenght, to beard Yang Lin, reside to postpone sea, black city etc. to mainly travel view area to carry on programming, construction and create A class view area;Continue to strengthen to save area with periphery and Mongolia the country is in the aspects of traveling of communication and cooperation, create an exquisite article tour circuit;Carry on a depth development to the local race handicraft article, special feature delicacies and excellent soil special product article, create an additional value high, the visitor like of tour product

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