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The tour real estate can become “Help rice straw” that develops a company
The front-line town house clinches a deal to shrink 230%, the stock pressure already goes to the tallest level in history.But travel the recreational real estate market different soldier Tu rise.In the accomplishment statement in August, the tour real estate of some building Qis quota even is up to 60%.This background under each big house property company in the whole country for evade a limit and buy to make a beginning at travel horse race turn ground in tourist spot.(September 14 《newspaper in Guangzhou 》)

Tour real estate very hot reason, be one after another limited to buy in 12 line cities, limit loan after, invest a need is squeezed, thus fly to haven’t been been included in the tour region that the limit buys scope.And under overcast general situation in the building City, develop a company to also engage in mental drudgery, ask for help of various promotion means sells building, the tour real estate is considered as a “Help rice straw”, and the packing becomes the main force that expands a market.

Start to talk about tour real estate this concept can not avoid and mention Davao Islands certainly.While creating the great target of “international tour island”, Davao Islands magnificent and victorious turn the subterranean heat tide once made people of this world shocked, the development from whole country company, divided the high-quality position of Davao Islands almost exhausted, greatly did quickly up, traveled in layout in the whole island recreational real estate, and drew on numerous other parts of country investments guest, stir-frying the sea south building price must soar rapidly all the way.Can now, after being stir-frying of madness to make to turn off, the building City in Davao Islands seriously atrophies, a great deal of house encounters empty place, huge quantity funds also drive idle, and so-called”international tour island” didn’t also make a shape up to now.

Be showed from this, if the need that didn’t is true does to prop up, light depend play with concept is nothing doing.Currently, many places all chase a development tour economy conduct and actions mainly pay pillar industry, big four canvass business a turn of ground makes a tour development, but in the resplendent and multicolored plan project, tour the item is mostly the trickery for packing, the tour real estate of kit be develop a company of way of producing wealth.The local government favors with development the company cooperate to make tour item, be because the amount invested is big and promote achievement to do good to the officials.

But, everywhere but have intention to neglect to travel real estate existence of concealed suffer from, pays attention to short-term efficiency, didn’t consider keeping on a development.Develop everything company do now, just for selling a house, but doing not hesitate ecological devastation environment, at will modification programming, even violate the rules to build a great deal of villa, golf course.At in many ways of the resultant force stir-fry to make under, tour real estate drive make hot fire dynasty sky, the investment guest also comes to pay tribute in succession, hope from in again get 1.However, once traveling the item encounter failure, didn’t attain anticipant visitor’s discharge, or was been included in building City to adjust the limit controling to buy list, so the tour real estate of kit will also suffer a defeat and face to lack the end that the person asks about, while Davao Islands is their best model.

In all its bearing comprehensive to see, traveling the real estate is just briefly falsely hot, there is no actual need doing prop up, pure stir-fries by speculation Be lord, don’t more impossibly become “Help rice straw” that develops a company.After this crary development heat, will inevitably run into an endless real estate cold winter, beating the tour real estate of vain concept will first be abandonned, leaves an is empty to concuss of house.

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