Great occasion

Great occasion of nation gold week goes on a tour tour accident insurance can not the little Qiao choose an outlet to buy insurance
Writer many travel agencies with large house learned of from the Hu recently, this year 11 gold week traveled market pretty much the fire exploded, Euro-American long line swam, the Southeast Asian island swam and the local and popular tour circuit was doubly subjected to favor.The travel insurance has already become the essential article that the citizen travel, however, choose the way for insuring is quietly taking place variety.The network, telephone, and message…etc. are all new to insure a way of rise, once covered to pass the situation that the travel agency insures.

The travel agency outlet falls into disfavor

Is travel insurance tradition to insure a main outlet, the agency insurance fee of the travel agency income although the total amount still keeps continuing to increase,it has the comparison of the travel insurance total insurance fee income is descending.Its reason be, Be current tour the market essential crowd of youth citizen, didn’t carry out to insure in the travel agency while going on a tour.

This year great occasion of nation stanza period, Ms. Chen2 will together go to an European tour with Sir.Ms. Chen2 tells writer:”Although at offshore travel basic don’t worry the obstacle of language communication,face unfamiliar humanities, weather and geology environment, we still keep hoping to own an insurance to increase bottom spirit for wes.However, I didn’t right on the spot carry out travel insurance in the travel agency, but chose to insure at the insurance company official site.”

The writer inquired the week Sir whom the same choice network insures travel insurance again.He said that under the general circumstance, everyone arrives travel agency to usually pay attention to the most is tour circuit and contract, carrying out the travel insurance is conveniently an all close by be over but is it, for guarantee responsibility excepted the responsibilities can’t in earnest go to and read.If is arrive insurance company website to understand insurance to grow, goods than 3 after, the insurance buying has more to aim at sex.

Mr. Yang’s insuring then the outlet of travel insurance is more convenient, namely the message insure.He is Chinese to move[77.25-0.52%]cellular phone bank the card pay customer and go in of a day ago, edited ID card number the message arrived appointed terrace, and completed a message to pay an insurance fee, can easily acquire a guarantee.However, usually only 7 day in of the tour route of travel can apply.

The person protects wealth insurance branch related representative director of Shanghai City reveal while accepting interview, travel accident insurance but speech, the citizen can purchase through many different outlets and order such as the insurance company net, travel agency, network and telephone or message.Although the insurance company provides the insuring of diversification the outlet,the travel insurance standardizes degree higher, it guarantees scope, excepted the alike degree of responsibility almost is up to 99.99%.

Independent choice understand insure

When is asked and why no longer would like to arrive travel agency to insure travel insurance, Ms. Chen2 and week the Sir all think the insurance fee is opposite more expensive.With great occasion of nation stanza period idea method Rui 10 sunrise territories swim for example, Ms. Chen2 insures an accidental injury to protect sum 300,000 dollars, medical expense 350,000 dollars, urgent responsibilities, such as medical treatment rescue and trip delay…etc. toward the some large travel agency inquiry.Travel agency’s giving the offer of is that 300 dollars is or so, the insurance company on-line discount price only 216 dollars.

Compare the citizen’s sensitivity to the insurance price, making it hard more what to accept is numerous in the misleading of small travel agency.Aunt Li who likes to travel reveals:”Now, for increasing Fa code for own tour product, many travel agencies all will in printing the product last part’present tour insurance’of certain context.At first, I also thought is presented tour insurance, can contract label just know after so-called present of the tour insurance is actually a travel agency liability insurance, rather than travel accident insurance.”

So what differentiation do these two styles of insurances have again?Expert of insurance of Hu raised an example, travel agency liability insurance compare to the rules action of travel agency, being a nation tour bureau and protecting Jian will be clear to make to stipulate travel agency have to the insurance insuring grow;The tour accident insurance then belongs to a visitor of from choose action, can choose if purchase or purchase how much according to own wishes.

A lot of have no knowledge of medium the old-age citizen all really think to have already owned an insurance guarantee, need not insure tour accident insurance again.In fact, the guarantee responsibility of travel agency liability insurance is the visitor’s Human body or property loss that causes because of the mistake of travel agency and belong to the management risk of passing on the travel agency.Actually, after accidental injury happening travek society with don’t belong to a travel agency responsibility for from but brush-off indemnification.

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