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South china sea net Peking October 14 news(south china sea net special correspondent Peng Lin Qin) the afternoon of October 14, the sea south province tour development the committee travel with Peking City to develop the committee tour strategic cooperation agreement to sign in Great Hall of the People, Peking.The sea south saves tour Wei director’s six ambitions in provincial governor assistant, province far, Peking City travels the Wei vice- director Sung Yu waited a leadership to attend signing of today rites.

Sea south province provincial governor assistant, province tour Wei director’s six ambitions far say in signing a rites, sea Yugoslavia border tour construction in the island Be nation strategy, its purpose be innovation and new tour destination for the Chinese tour industry system of creating and providing model effect.Under support of the national series policy, the sea south Wei in the province and provincial government chase with tour industry for the modern service industry of group leader Be predominant industry, pass the development of third industry to feed parents 12th industry, push forward the change that the sea south industrial structure adjustment and economy develop a way, finally carry out science development and overall coordination development.Therefore, strengthening a tour the industry construction is border in sea Yugoslavia to travel island construction of an important task.

Peking is the capital city of China, is culture all, is a well-known world tour city.No matter is all politics, humanities and niche advantage and tour management system etc.s to occupy important position in the world.The sea south is the biggest tropical island in China, after more than 20 years of construction, already the initial development become a famous China tropical zone alongside the sea spend a holiday divine spot with ocean tour, become a Chinese and Foreign visitor the recreation liking spend a holiday destination.And Peking is sea one of the important customer grounds of the south, is also an Euro-American visitor to turn a station to importance of sea south tour.Therefore, the sea south has with the tour cooperation of Peking to show with each other repairing of the Zhao sex and huge economic inside need.

Negotiate a contents to include:Build up a tour cooperation coordination and contact mechanism, strongly develop consociation publicity promotion, strengthen tour to program construction together, promote tour the industry whole character, build up traveling administration to enforce the law a cooperation mechanism, support two cities tour market together healthy development.Especially both parties travel section consociation the development”experience personally Chinese culture in Peking, arrive sea south the recreation spend a holiday” one distance much station type on-line tour product, and at oversea on the market carry on consociation promote sales.This will availably promote two city tour brand images and arouse the prosperity of the development and tour economy that both parties enter a tour, for acrossed tour cooperation in the province to have demonstration and arouses a function

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