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The sea south tour profession creates to contend for first excellent set up visitor’s shopping of”conscience store”
Pearl, crystal, coco vulture, shell skill, the Li brocade, island takes ……come from a domestic and international visitor at the time of purchasing these sea south special feature tour merchandises, also packed the beauty of Davao Islands to take to return to together.However, often appear of discounts an etc. bad phenomenon by time good Chong and a large amount of shopping, make the shopping become travel the hurl tell of a little bit hot.

“Whole professionses will with create to contend for an excellent activity first for chance, construct sea together good tour shopping of south environment, the push constucts one to make the customer trust of’ conscience store’”.The province travels the merchandise business enterprise association remaining of Secretary-general mean from the force, whole professions will common for constuct sea Yugoslavia border tour insularity border top-grade shopping heaven of target but diligent.

The tax-free shopping arouses tour shopping market

Tour the shopping once was sea south tour of short leg, April, this year, I saved in the domestic to lead off carry out an island tax-free shopping policy, make the shopping become to travel a great attraction thing, also saved for me travel a merchandise to bring a really fine development opportunity.

“Currently my province travels merchandise industry existence of a present condition BE:The big business enterprise would not like to come in funds devotion, the small business enterprise has no real strenght again.”From Wu Shuo, remaining’s the south of the sea is engaged in development and production currently tour merchandise of business enterprise probably 67100, have certain scale to only have or so 100ses;The tour merchandise sells business enterprise more than 1500 houses, but the large business enterprise doesn’t conduct area to attain 10,000 square meters not to 10 to 20.Investigate its reason, because the profession profits is low and belong to an intensive type of labor industry, financial power strong business enterprise would not like to get involved.

However, flourishing in the Europe and America nation, tour the shopping have a tour to always expend 70%, but our country not arrive 30%, travel the merchandise develop to far and far get behind with the whole tour industry development.The statistics data that comes from three second tax-free stores suggests that since the end of April started practice, up to 8 the end of the months, have already drawn on about 20 shoppings, sell more than more than 580,000 pieces of duty free goodses.

The tour merchandise that only has a sea south special feature can also widely get to welcome like duty free goods?In remaining since the force saw, the sea south wants to become an international top-grade shopping center and have the development of the tour merchandise of native special feature necessary.”To make the merchandise become a kind of tour attraction thing let visitor the at the thought of sea is south, thought of the tour merchandise that a few kinds have a special feature most , or at the thought of see a certain merchandise, will thought of sea south.”Remaining is from Wu Shuo.

Build up trustworthiness system, build up “conscience store”

While strengthening the special feature tour merchandise development and expansion, how solve domestic tour shopping market widespreadly exists currently of discount with time good Chong and a large amount of shopping etc. problem?

Three second tax-free stores started practice to bring my tour merchandise profession in province another draw lessons from.According to understanding, this year the great occasion of nation gold period, at three in the meantime, second tax-free stores’ customer’s Ying door’s my province travels commodity market sale but not very ideal, compared with last year same period to descend 15%-20%.To this, the industry knew of the private think, although be free of tax the store has certain stroke to the traditional shopping store,be also free of tax a getting into of store and lets the traditional shopping store will pay attention to the construction and expansion of trustworthiness system, and market marketing…etc. more.

The province travels merchandise association mean, will with creating of this time tour profession contend for first excellent is chance, push construction to make the customer trust in the whole professionses of”conscience store”.Put forth effort on service quality, sell a tour merchandise service, after-sales service conduct and actions invite the customer’s gold-lettered signboard, let the visitor buy comfortable heart, buy trust, determinedly eradicate completely Chong with the time like, sell the behavior of counterfeiting the false inferior merchandise.

Some group leader business enterprises also lead off to hang Fan, a lot of small scaled shopping stores carry on integration and produce a business enterprise to start to directly get into to retail a market to carry on expansion, even the scale is more than 100, these chain store not only unify image and unify a marketing, in the meantime in the trustworthiness, principle of management, publicity strength also ratio before more norm.

The outstanding sea south special feature enriches the merchandise category of traveling

While strengthening trustworthiness construction, the innovation that strengthens to travel a merchandise is an association at this time create to contend for an excellent activity first in of another point.According to know, the association has already reported department concerned currently, will create to contend for an excellent activity first through this tour merchandise and strengthen a product development and create the sea south tour merchandise brand and well make use of sea, the south enriches of natural resources, the development designs competitive products that has a heavy place special feature, race romantic feeling and promote sea further south tour merchandise of quality.

At 《sea Yugoslavia border tour island construction development programming outline 》medium, my province puts forward to devote major efforts to push forward sea south special feature tour merchandise development, guide the development of traveling the merchandise, production and sale, cultivate to form some tour merchandises a development group leader business enterprise.

“To do tour merchandise to go out to sea a south special feature turn a development to the exquisite article, then can draw on a visitor.”Remaining means from the force, will travel in the future the development of merchandise, design, the manufacturings all want to push formation standard, the push travels this the merchandise business enterprise turn, standardize to the norm, the special feature turn a development and try hard for to pass to create to contend for an excellent activity first and create to be subjected to a visitor approbation, have the tour merchandise of extensive influence brand, make a point the group leader business enterprise flow out to appear

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