modern”tour through”

“Ancient country in Bohai Sea” Dun in Jilin turns 24 pieces of stones and the modern”tour through”
Locate at at grow white halfway up a hill ground of the Jilin province Dun turn city, because of being the tang dynasty period country in Bohai Sea all the city be again often been called “ancient country in Bohai Sea” by people.It is inshore to have many histories of historic relic, among them the most famous and mysteriously want to count 24 pieces of stones.The reporter arrived at Dun to turn city recently, the close quarter visited this historic relic and also understood to this ancient city in the meantime of the modern”tour through”.

The Dun turns city history long, call from 《the doctrine of the mean 》medium”the small virtuous Chuan flows, the big virtuous Dun turns”.698 A.D., the Su end leader big Zuo glory takes the lead to build city here from solid, found a capital to call a king.713 years, the religion of Tang Xuan sets up formally the big Zuo glory as county king of Bohai Sea and starts to call country in Bohai Sea, be suddenly founded a capital to sweat city, right now the Dun in sky turn city.

On the morning of the 19th, the reporter rushes through toward Dun and turns the road of the city from town in the honk lake up, see the brand that the roadside set up “24 pieces of stone historic relics”s while passing by a village that nameds waist Dian.Turn into waist Dian village, walk to then arrive at to be located on the village side this historic relic side within farm land for five minutes.

Elfevident, 24 pieces of stones are to constitute to°from 24 pieces of rocks of a rectangular stone, the stone is divided into 3 lines and goes 8 pieces each time.The reporter sees, these traces that is similar to a piece of piece of big rock of stone Dun, all had a dozen to whet to once process, stone quality all is basaltic.The rock of these tidy alignments is used for doing what?

“It is use to to dying of the Bohai Sea country princess park a coffin wood.”Just in the near side corn ground bye a waist Dian village of the Bao rice the villager tell a reporter like this.

More mysterious BE, 24 pieces of stones not 1.The road that turn to go up north Heilongjiang province Anne to rather go from the Dun up, the ancient ruins of this kind of 24 pieces of stones contain quite a few and turn just in the Dun inshore distributed in river’s east, officer’s ground and wood and won with waist Dian everywhere.Moreover, the party in government fresh inshore salty mirror north way a take of neighborhood in the meeting text, also discovered 24 pieces of stone ruins.

Distribute in the same stone of these different places, all is use to to Bohai Sea country of does the princess park a coffin wood?Province people’s custom academic association chairman of the board in Jilin Shi Li learns to mean, concerning 24 pieces of stones of the legend have a lot and for example stop to work properly to say, offer sacrifices to say, the courier station says, the public granary says etc., but until now also have no which explain to can let person completely letter take.Just because of such, research concerning country in Bohai Sea this history historic relic, until be still subjected to concern now.

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