domestic multiform exhibition

Three months ago, announced on official site in the Chinese Geneva cross head quarter 《elucidation concerning flower Gang peaceably friendly fund 》.Decade come, China the Red Cross helped flower Gang fund to manage committee to look for 520 famous courtesan gang Chinese labors, and help to carry out trust money and education a gold of issue, help organization arrangement flower Gang the personnel leave for Japan to take part in to sacrifice an activity, and hold in the domestic multiform exhibition and meeting etc..

According to Zhang Hu’s introduction, reach agreement rules according to that year, 250,000,000 among those yens are been used to carry on indemnification to the victim, another of 250,000,000 yens then carry on the movable budget of history survey etc..The research spends the writer of Gang affairs Li 旻 but think, the that year Japanese aspect is the indemnification that carries on according to 1000 people, 520 people announce according to the Red Cross, and more than 400 persons and its family members didn’t get this money.So 250,000,000 yens the surplus debt after indemnification should give announcement.

Li 旻 :250,000,000 yen insides, he found out more than 500 persons just with half of money, another more than 400 persons hadn’t found out, this money does what?This is everyone’s question.That 250,000,000 how did you spend?Everyone concerns this problem, everyone hopes your Zhang the eyes open.

Face querying of public, Zhang Hu reveals that this fee for writing gold has already done to make collective report in spending the Gang peaceably friendly fund management committee, the Zhang eyes really still have a surplus currently.

Zhang Hu:In fact I feel flower Gang real beneficiary, I feel to have no much doubt in this aspect, because they have a communication meeting, this communication will be establishing before very early, the important activities are all done an opinion for unifying by them of, money is on the usage all of them are to have right to speak, and we were spending the time that the Gang fund establishes ten anniversaries last year, using of money circumstance has already carried on to make collective report with the related personnel of flower Gang.In fact this money, not that have been already ended, the direction isn’t clear and make activities to all want annually from in pay.

But for Zhang eyes public problem, Zhang Hu is candid in saying, the predominance square of funds expenditure isn’t in the Red Cross.

Reporter:Is also say, this money, isn’t an announcement to have right announcement be not is said by our Red Cross of calculate?

Zhang Hu:Be not is said by the Red Cross of calculate, because most the beginning just lets Red Cross chase this money tube good, because stipulates according to China, they have no business their they to draw account alone, so equal his account draws and passes a Red Cross, so his finance management wants pass nation of relevant stipulate, carry on a management according to the relevant finance rules of the Red Cross.

Reporter:That for example says that he wants a conference, but concretely spends how much , how to spend that each money?

Zhang Hu:That this he is budgetary.And his money has been already requested as well, can not spend in disorder.

Reporter:Is also say that he spends money to want to have been audited?

Zhang Hu:To, after finishing doing, the time in the end of the year all have already audited an office to audit.

Li 旻 follows flower Gang affairs several years, and once composes a long article for this reportage, for two war period the distress been subjected to by Chinese labor have to more deeply realize, for this 500,000,000 reaching agreement of yens the fund also have deeper comprehension, however though she has been laying claim to accounts publicly, also approbation Zhang Hu’s parlance, China the Red Cross really didn’t predominate power for this fund, but Zhang eyes can not publicly of the reason lie in a trusting of funds identity.Li points out that Zhang eyes can not publicly of the reason lie in a trusting of funds identity.

Li :This he is unjust to open, there is the problem to reach agreement a top, this fee for writing gold is called trust money, the trust money has a characteristics be only trust a square can audit accounts, the outsider can not audit accounts.

This money belongs to trust money, the property of trust money BE, only entrust a square to have right search, direct.But entrust square that day originally Lu Dao company, the others have no right to check.Entrust a square not to check, the public can not know funds direction, but public of query and is an objective existence.See, the suspenses in it at that time returns hard untie.To this, voice and Chinese broadcasting network of China will also continue to pay attention to.

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