Japanese central bank anticipates

The Japanese central bank anticipates next adjust an economic growth to estimate to 0.2%
According to Japanese medium on Tuesday(October 25) report way, Japan the central bank(BOJ) anticipate will 2011|2012 wealth year the economic growth estimate from 0.4% descend adjust to 0.2%, in the meantime 2012|2013 wealth year the economic growth estimate from 2.9% descend adjust to 2.0%-2.5%.

The report way said that the Japanese central bank will lower an economic growth to estimate to attribute to global economy to slow down and Europe debt crisis and yen appreciation.

This front, the Japanese government adjusted while announcing 10 every months and telling the time to that country exit, industry to produce with the estimate of the folks consumption, in order to come to head to see for 6 months, call that global economy deceleration is snuffing out Japanese factory to produce to recover with exit.

The government means that Japanese economy still in the growth, but recovers a step to put slowly.In the meantime, 3.11 earthquakes result in of various difficulty is still the main factor that the economy faces.Spread to debt crisis in Europe in addition, the misgiving of economic American physical endowment and financial market turbulence is implicating the country’s economy recovery.

Report reiterates that anticipating the Japanese central bank will adopt appropriate but resolute monetary policy measure, and keep with government close cooperation with prop up Japanese economy.

The next day had the medium report the way to say, Japanese central bank just under the consideration adjust the growth expectation of Japanese economy this year and next.Report way points out that the Japanese central bank is adjusting to below 2.5% under 2.9% for while considering to expect the economic growth rate of next wealth year from the July, and expect the economic growth in current wealth year from adjust to 0.2%-0.3% under 0.4%.

Japanese central bank the policy meeting will convene on Thursday October.According to knew what happened a personage to say, the central bank anticipated half year that releases in the in the same day degree economic report in under adjust an economic growth estimate, this will continue for the economic environment worsen relax monetary policy to spread further even road.

Owing to International Monetary Fund(tiny Bo)(IMF) anticipates global economy of this year soon will slow down to 4% for increasing of 2011-2012 yearses or so, and March earthquake in Japan empress of the reconstruction anticipate to prop up need in Japan, the Japanese central bank thinks and still have no definite proof to show the economic foreground is obvious to worsen.

But the yen soars record high once again, will continue to exert pressure Japan central bank, request it to relax monetary policy further, and possible encouragement monetary policy committee in of pessimism a trait of take action.

Convene an argument interest meeting in the Japanese central bank of a day ago, the EU leadered to again summit with working out EU should to the strategy of euro area obligation crisis.The dynamic state of Europe will decide whether the Japanese central bank will be in now or whether relax a policy soon afterward.

If on Wednesday EU Feng will of the result cause more inflow yens that avoid an insurance funds, make the yen exchanged USD to break the record high that touched last Friday significantly 75.78, so Japan the central bank probably will pass to purchase more properties relax monetary policy further.

Also have the market analysis the personage to think in the meantime, the monetary policy anticipate to keep constant until Europe should disappoint me to cause market’s oscillating to the plan of crisis.

However, even if the this week of Japan central bank presses soldier’s immobility, Japanese government and central bank may also hard insist too for a long time, because of avoid insurance the funds inflow exchange USD the yen to continuously be located on a high.

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