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The report calls global net soon the quickest Hong Kong Japan, Korea closes on the heels of afterward
The dawn of October 26 Peking time news, global biggest network discharge management company Akamai today announce 2011 second quarter degree global network current conditions report suggests, get to the Internet on the average in city in the whole world the speed Be quickest to is the big Chiu and big farmland of Korea, getting to the Internet the speed quickest nation is also Korea, in the meantime world suffer the most serious region in network attack then in Asia.

The Akamai the report totally and totally investigated more than 604,000,000 independent IP addresses nets soon and investigated scope to spread over 238 nations and region.

Get to the Internet quickest city

The Akamai report takes city as unit first and get to the Internet to each city the speed launched a survey and reside a hat by 15.8 Mbpses towards carrying on evaluation as a result, among them big Chiu in Korea and big farmland.What to close on the heels of afterward BE(15.2 Mbpses), the absolute being Nai grounds, such as Chuan(15 Mbpses) and East China Sea(14.2 Mbpses)…etc..

At global net 100 soon quickest cities in, the Asian city predominates.Japan occupies 59 cities, there are 10 cities in Korea.Moreover there are still China Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia… etc. entering the final contest.In Europe, the net soon quickest city is a Czech cloth Er promise.But in the United States, the net soon quickest city is San Jose in California.

Global all countries get to the Internet on the average the speed promote

Akamai is taking nation as unit to suggest towards getting to the Internet the survey that the speed carries on, the whole world gets to the Internet on the average speed at second quarter degree exaltation 21%, come to a 2.6 Mbpses.In addition Akamai still discovers in the middle of accepting 80 inquisitional nations and region, in the last quarter degree in, speed in on the average getting to the Internet of everyplace deeply raised above 10%.

In the middle of taking nation as unit to evaluate, Korea still keep being the first in the world, it gets to the Internet speed is 13.8 Mbpses.Close on the heels of afterward of is Hong Kong(10.3 Mbpses) and Japan(8.9 Mbpses)

In Europe, the net of Holland is the soon quick and link the speed as 8.5 Mbpses on the average and rank the fourth in the world.Its Feng is worth speed to 25.3 Mbpses.Holland breadth takes a customer in the middle 95%ly get to the Internet the speed there was another 68% customers to connect to go into extremely high over the 2 Mbpses soon network.

The network attackstones Asia according to the head

In addition Akamai report way also suggests, world of in the network attack, the Pacific Asia area had of 47%, Europe shared 30%, the United States shared 20%, rather than continent then only 3%.

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