management passenger car

The yellow stone hangs a crackdown to travel near the management passenger car
“GPS supervises and controls to become a decoration, brush-off individual door the vehicle hangs to depend management, don’t would not° until bring about the precept of blood behind know penitence.”Yesterday, in the yellow road tour passenger transportation safety in stone City management special subject will up, yellow transportation bureau bureau chief Huang Qu Po of stone City said and determinedly cracked down to hang near the tour passenger car of management, enlarge”black car” stroke strength.

Allows at 9:00 A.M. yesterday, after going and seeing yellow two tour in stone City passenger transportation company, Huang Qu Po discovers China dragon travels the passenger transportation company install of GPS the equipments unexpectedly became a decoration.”Supervise and control a computer to put on the old total office desk, he which sometimes does see?Spend money buys of the equipments should produce result.”Huang Qu Po emphasizes that the whole management style that change current GPS, have a foothold in solid supervise and control, and build up perfect GPS to manage system, travel to charter car an issuing of card to have to be strict secondly, attain to press a time to issue with the contract, “one card one label, a trip per label”, Huang Shi Ji travels the passenger transportation vehicle don’t get a long term to be engaged in operation in the place ground and avoid a management the top appear a blind spot.

According to know, yellow tour passenger transportation business enterprise in stone City already basic carry out companies to turn management, purchases to personal property or company supports not enough 51%, business enterprise not own the vehicle relief that above 51% produces power to hang depend contract.Up to currently, yellow stone City 7 financial situation road tour passenger transportation business enterprise all to luck tube the section made written corpus responsibility commitment, 5 companies completed vehicle to produce power audit, 2 companies under way the vehicle procure to produce power audit with vehicle.

In the aspects of accepting luck person’s responsibility to nearly insure, practice difference to turn standard, namely A business enterprise vehicle each year responsibility quota 200,000-500,000 dollars by oneself choice; B business enterprise vehicle each year the responsibility quota is no lower than 350,000 dollars;C business enterprise vehicle each year the responsibility quota is no lower than 500,000 dollars.

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