personage’s luncheon meeting

Li Ke Qiang attends economic Korean boundary personage’s luncheon meeting
Li Ke Qiang points out that medium is a dress to take aqueous neighboring country, two country association the source far flow to grow.Both parties have diplomatic relation about 20 in the last yearses, the political mutual trust continuously deepens, the high association keeps close and trades a contacts result to show Zhao, the mutual investment keeps on increment, humanities communicates to extend day by day, win practicality the cooperation have already had good foundation.Both parties want to adapt to new situation and hold tight opportunity and greet a challenge and innovate mechanism, scoop out potential, make two country economic trade the cooperation leaps onto new step and exceeds a new step in the middle of trading liberalism, economic globalization progress and promotes two people people’s welfares, in the meantime for push northeast second is going to the world to prosper a development to make one aggressive contribute.

Li Ke Qiang strengthens medium economic trade and humanities cooperation to put forward six suggestions:The first, quickly push forward medium constuct progress from the Mao area and start two countries on schedule the negotiation is from the Mao area.The second, adopts to set up “environmental industry strategy cooperation mechanism” etc. measure, strengthen an environmental industry to wait a newly arisen realm cooperation, actively promote circulation economy and low carbon development.The third expands to invest a cooperative new way.The Mainland encourages Korean business enterprise extension to the China high level manufacturing industry etc. investment and participate in the west of China greatly the development, the northeast old industrial base develop with central part rising, also encouragement have the Mainland business enterprise of real strenght to Korea to invest.The fourth pushes forward financial cooperation and innovation.Are bilateral two countries this currency with each other change scale is extended to 360,000,000,000 dollars renminbi by 180,000,000,000 dollars, the enlargement pushes financial market stability in the district and development together to financial support that two country small and medium enterprises cooperate.The fifth, closely bilateral and multilateral cooperation.Full exertion already establishment of government and folks communicate the function of mechanism, carefully solve an economic trade cooperation in may take place of problem.Manage to strengthen position and policy coordination in the structure reform in global economy. Hope Han Fang conduct in the business enterprise, personnel contacts etc. provide more conveniences for the Mainland business enterprise.Two state-owners enterprise industries can expand at the Three Kingdoms infrastructure construction, market expand the cooperation of etc. realm.The sixth extends humanities exchanges and cooperation.The Mainland has invited 300 Korean youths annually since next year the increment visits China, will send 1400 Chinese language teachers to Korea at 2015 year agos.Medium strengthen the exchanges of cultural realm further and create a cooperation lately a little bit bright, provide to hold out for long time motive for two country cooperations.

Li Ke Qiang said that China is carrying out “25″ to program, will push science development, speed change economy development way, insist carrying out to need strategy inside the extension, deepen reform to open, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, keep over a long period of time Chinese economy Be steady to develop a little bit quickly.We insist that the benefit totally win with each other of open strategy, make China and the common benefits of trading partner’s country expanded and deepen.

Li Ke Qiang emphasizes that China constantly walks peaceful development road, insist and border on to do good and take bordering on as a companion, concentrate on development together the periphery friendly cooperative relation of the nation.The Chinese assertion pushes forward peninsula non-nuclear turn progress, support heavy the Qi six-party talks, wish and relevant everyone’s joint effort, for carry out peninsula and northeast second of peace stability make should have contribution.

The whole Korea economic person’s uniting will wait four big economic groups, big business enterprises and medium property organization representative and attendance luncheon meeting of about 300 members of the Mainland delegation.

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