travel six attentions

Report regiment to travel six attentions
1.Recognize pure natural intelligence

The travel agency separates 1, 2, 3 types of.This kind of classification, is a nation to travel the bureau receives the division of labour but assurance of traveller’s category(include a foreign visitor, HongKong-Macau set afterbirth and local visitor etc.) and tour circuit business according to the travel agency.Therefore, visitor while choosing travel agency, should press it to conduct scope, see whether it has a tour bureau the examination and approval of tour management certificate, whether have already paid tour quality control gold, whether have Company’s seal invoice, whether match a profession management norm.

2.Carefully label contract

The tour hands over money first and consumes behind and travel contract naturally become travel of amulet.Therefore, goes a front to sign contract with travel agency.If the travel agency doesn’t press the contract to handle affairs and is like the change accommodation cabaret star class and lowers to have a meal standard etc. and records the result reality that it breaks contract fact and results in down, in order to will tell to the department concerned hurl from now on.The visitor after getting hold of the contract don’t is eager to signing, must cautiously read various items and discover to oneself’s disadvantage or amphibology language sentence, must carry on a modification.

3.Purchase tour insurance

Stipulates according to the national law, though setting out the ex- travel agency has already insured travel agency responsibility insurance,this doesn’t represent going on a tour of visitor to get all guarantees of levels, because the accidental injury insurance out of the travel agency responsibility need to be purchased by the another line of visitor to be not within the scope of travel agency liability insurance.

4.Careful consume

The visitor will not be blindly purchased tour trophy suddenly and leisurely by some guides while traveling.In the shopping must carefully discriminate, the Bian is clear true false, prevent°from falling into trap to cheat.

5.Keep intact proof

If meet travel agency infringement or default, should raise a report and keep intact proof in time.To win lawsuit have to know how to collect and keep proof.Can adopt recording and record image, take photo etc. method at and at that time minute down damage fact, the application authenticates organization to carry on consultation to the damaged circumstance when it’s necessary.

6.Rational Wei power

Visitor on the way to travel discover service that the travel agency provides out of accordance with contract engagement, can request travel agency to continue to implement contract according to the circumstance as well as request to relieve contract, make up for loss.On the way of doing, should adopt reasonable succour measure according to the actual circumstance.Such as be the travel agency provides of service existence small minor faults, don’t neglect an objective condition easily unilateral stop halfway contract, in order to prevent in the Wei power fall into a passive position.

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