Bo park in Kunming

A life time Bo park in Kunming gets stripe Yunnan to travel or faces a chance
“Does Yunnan travels(002059, )?We all before don’t pay attention to.”A analyst tells like this 《everyday economic news 》reporter.

Travels in the A tectonic plate in, tour(002059, closing price 11.34 dollars) in Yunnan is easily an object that is neglected.However have the medium report the way, the national hair changes Wei formally approval of 《Yunnan province tour the industry reform a development to program outline 》, probably can bring Yunnan tour an opportunity.

The national hair changes Wei to formally grant of 《Yunnan province tour the industry reform development to program outline 》, travel a life time Bo in Kunming experiment the area is four tour in Yunnan industry development and reform comprehensive experiment one of the areas, create a Kang body recreation in city to spend a holiday tour experiment model area.

A life time Bo tour experiment the area have already formally started 7000 acres of construction engineerings of core areas by October 27.This means a life time Bo park in Kunming successfully the transformation gets stripe, and core area development the construction has already exceeded to go into a materiality stage.

A life time Bo tour experiments the core area of area the scope is mainly canned develop to constitute with the ground, a life time Bo peripheral district and forest inside the area by a life time Bo park, a life time Bo ecosystem city and follow-up and always cover about 7000 acres.Item will with a life time Bo park for core, becomes on trial area development gather tour sightseeing, recreation spend a holiday, ecosystem experience, business amusement, cultural creativity and Kang body health etc. function is integral whole of new”tour name card” in Kunming.

Gorgeous turn round or Be worth expecting

“If the nation so big action ground carries on a reformation to a life time Bo park, if succeed, very beneficial to related business enterprise.”The square positive stock certificate(601901, ) researcher tells 《everyday economic news 》reporter.

A life time Bo luck camp of the park cost the periodical report of tour in Yunnan suggests that a life time Bo park in Kunming’s conducting gross earnings have already fallen to°from or so 120,000,000 dollars in 2004 2010 not to 40,000,000 dollars, but can see from the grinding of a mountain west stock certificate(002500, ) the report, the last few years the basic maintenance is in 70,000,000 dollars~of 80,000,000 dollars.

Yunnan travels annual report also point out for 2010 years, a life time Bo park product is aging, innovation the shortage and attraction Shuai reduce, market development not dint, receive a kimono duty the quality descend etc. reason and make visitor’s amount in the park and the admission ticket income significantly fallen and set to open a park fall range it most.

Does a life time Bo reform of the park get stripe an ability to infuse into new vitality for tour in Yunnan this time?

The above-mentioned square positive stock certificate researcher says to reporter, a life time Bo park is one of the main management items of tour in Yunnan, if conduct the circumstance can get an improvement, that undoubtedly will become Yunnan to travel the new profits growth order.

Yunnan travels the staff member of the company also means while accepting a medium interview, “this time carry on a repair transformation to Chinese buildings, is single business model that wants to break to be original near the admission ticket income existence, ease the management pressure of company.”

To this, the above-mentioned researcher thinks, after all a life time Bo park before says that the reform wasn’t the first-time either, can really the reform get stripe success and also need horary check

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