Xinyi’s publicity and approval. October 28

Xinyi town, village Guaixiang jiulongzhen miles: 8 applicants Jie br> Xinyi newspaper (Reporter Kwan Yu photo coverage) the hardship of rural low-income housing subsidies for housing reconstruction, in the eyes of some village officials became Xinyi town, village jiulongzhen ten list of applications submitted eight relatives were village officials, the net posts were uncovered during the publicity, the local public outcry. Yesterday, authorities confirmed to reporters Xinyi this situation, and said authorities in the investigation, and the elimination of the village reported to the application list.

According to the town of Long Guang jiulongzhen Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the town this year, a total of 170 subsidized housing reconstruction target, which was eight miles village indicators, subsidies for the household $ 10,000, an applicant’s condition There are two: First, the rural low-income families, and second housing hardship. Approval of an application program is divided into farmers, village council publicity, township approval, Xinyi’s publicity and approval. October 28, Xinyi city, local media reported on the 2039 single user name for publicity. November 8, the letter should Yu are posted on the News forum post, said the village eight miles wide application list for the Village relatives, and have better housing properties, dangerous living in mud-poor households in the real did not receive support. And attached with the post for households and destitute families house photo, contrast, local public outcry. November 9, Xinyi City Civil Affairs Bureau, Bureau of Agriculture Office of Poverty Alleviation and sent into the village, town jiulongzhen survey found that household net posts to reflect the application is true kinship with the Village to apply for family housing property is partly true.

village officials called authorities immediately clear, the village submitted a single user name does not meet the 8 subsidy requirements. Asked the village in two days to re-convene village team, person read the subsidy eligibility criteria, application re-submitted eligible single username.

close a

Village public places

families taking 8 reports based on the net posts, miles of eight villages of the original application submitted to the list, respectively, party secretary of the brother, brother , nephew; village head’s brother, son; village women’s director husband, uncle. Towns in them or to buy residential land in the vicinity of buildings have been built for many years, or already built buildings in the village.

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skylight roof to turn the door panels

destitute families Leung Shu Wing of the mud-brick house in the early years of natural disasters have all been destroyed, collapsed walls, tile face cloth full of Leung Shu Wing is the most famous village, destitute families, the elderly wife, leaving his wife suffering from mental illness early years, he was one of these years by both farmers Dangdie when the mother pulled the two school-age children.

close three

ten flat wall tile home only three villagers Qiu Li

small mud-brick house right, front of the house behind the house two walls are lacking, stand surrounded by wall collapse also leaving only three sides, the remnants of less than ten square meters under roof, also arrayed bed nets. The original house is behind the house Highland 2006 was washed away in the rain tumble. 4 years, they put up a shack to live. The right to declare Qiu Li Village subsidies but was stuck.


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