Luo Boge more than 30 million kilograms of sweet potato by the blitz

Misfortune blessing of the Forest. Free radish people loot, incidentally the kilograms of sweet potato chili spinach, etc., resulting in irreparable economic losses. But God is fair, good man after all, have a good report. Ten days later, Luo Boge more than 30 million kilograms of sweet potato by the blitz, and the scene unusual hot. Just ten days, between

but this tragicomedy enough to make relevant food for thought, what is causing the farmers to go through such a short time and then tragicomedy; is what has led to the Luo Boge complimentary radish move; what is to become the best-selling sweet potato products?

this year, heard the news of poor sales of agricultural products, vegetables direct from the summer, to Hainan banana glut of potatoes unmarketable and then to Mongolia, etc., of agricultural products this year seem to have spent in slow-moving. This tragicomedy is an upgraded version of unmarketable agricultural products. But not every farmer is Since the hero at the why? Luo Boge range of tragicomedy not say that this is the tragedy of China’s agricultural market.

for their own reasons for poor sales radish, Han Honggang boils down to: blindly follow the trend of expansion of cultivated area, uninformed, faulty operation. But this does not only have the problem only Han Honggang, but all Chinese farmers. But this is the farmers’ cause it? Farmers of course, some of them, but the biggest reason is the relevant government departments. Farmers can not timely access to market information, but the relevant government departments, but failed to timely notify the farmers, resulting in such a tragedy from occurring again and the three.

Therefore, the government needs based on the market and local realities, to consider the macro-industrial layout and structure of the upgrade; need to build a smooth information network to provide early warning and to guide the market, and even farmers who can create databases of information. At the operational level, according to local agricultural conditions, anticipate and supermarkets, wholesale and international market, docking, can organize seasonal agricultural products market, both production and marketing structures for the refinement of trading platforms and other means; also can guide and encourage enterprises establishment of warehousing platform, improve the agricultural processing industry and so on.

government guidelines for farmers to do the work, rather than let it run its course. The god of farmers in our country, there is no cultivation of farmers hard, how can our rich food on the table it? Only to protect the fundamental interests of farmers, in order to protect national interests. Year’s hard-earned money on the farmers in these agricultural products, the production is not only the tragedy of the year incomes of farmers.


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