9982 primary and secondary schools have a school bus 302 .

Gansu Provincial People’s Congress Law Committee, deputy director of the 6 Li at Lanzhou, the USGA , said from January 1 next year , Gansu special shuttle schoolchildren, preschool children ‘s school bus , shall be approved by the local education department and public security traffic management department confirmed to receive school bus signs . At the same time , the vehicle traveling data recorder shall be installed with satellite positioning function .

day , Gansu Provincial People’s Congress held a Lee High Society said that in addition to the standard school uniform body spray car exterior car is a unit of identity and name , the school bus should be kept in good safety , school bus driver should have the appropriate for driving more than three years safe driving experience.

driving time traveling the state , information to be checked.

It is understood that the or in the case of school bus driving schools, kindergarten students should be allowed to line up and down the school bus ,

According to latest statistics from the traffic police department in Gansu , Gansu 2402 now has a school bus 571 kindergartens , 9982 primary and secondary schools have a school bus 302 .

deputy director of Legislative Affairs Office of Gansu Provincial Government has Stirling , the significant increase in mileage and other changes in the situation , just to provide for a fine standard has obviously can not meet current road traffic safety management needs.

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