support for terrorist organizations

People December 9 hearing, according to official Iraqi News Agency reported Iran , Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman梅赫曼帕拉Manchester United set for the virtual embassy in Iran to respond , he said , suggesting that the U.S. government recognize the interrupt with Iran diplomatic relations was a mistake.

The spokesman said the U.S. government did in fact acknowledge the interrupt relations with Iran was a mistake , and this move is not set up a virtual embassy from the United States the right to pass any information to the Iranian people .

He pointed out that the Iranian people over the past 30 years have seen time with the U.S. sanctions , support for terrorist organizations , full stop Iran’s scientific progress , and rumors groundless slander and other means to deal with the Iranian people .

梅赫曼帕拉Lancaster said , in fact, all problems are rooted in the United States government, from the Islamic revolution, a coup against the people before the government launched the current U.S. government to assassinate Iranian scientists are at work , they also ignore the choice of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic to achieve happiness and prosperity for their efforts.


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