Kenya: day trip of Obama’s hometown

Obama’s hometown to a day trip? Obama’s success was elected the company clearly wants the middle of tourism will bring at least a year in Kenya 80 million U.S. dollars of tourism income.

Obama back in touch to the President of the United States before the throne, his hometown – Kisumu, Kenya (Kisumu) near the small village, it suddenly became hot from the inaccessible. Kenya Investment Group and the Tourism Bureau has been near the village of built three hotels, and in Kisumu, near the hotel now has been almost fully booked, travelers will have to begin a period of growth for Obama and their relatives to pilgrimage. Kenya also has to have an in-depth study of tourism professionals, said his hometown of Obama’s day tours are more interested in the project. In accordance with the expectations of the local government, the success of Obama is elected, will give Kenya a year at least 80 million U.S. dollars of tourism income. The Kenya Tourism Board has sought to “Obama to your loved ones when the tour guide” services, hope to meet the tourists to see the curiosity and greed.

Loyal students redistribute courseworks at and by doing so turn sated.

Village locals revenue comes mainly from farming to the cultivation of maize, mainly dairy cattle feeding. Many families the cost of living in a week only a dollar a day. Declining rainfall and fertilizer makes the local economy remained sluggish.

Obama’s father, who was born and raised in the village of, read the books at Harvard to return to Kenya after the effectiveness of a car accident in 1982 after the death was buried here. Before Obama’s 86-year-old grandmother Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama and his uncle, Said Obama on living there, but unfortunately, the old grandmother in a few days before Obama’s success has passed away.

Obama roots the first time in their hometowns in 1987, mainly to find out her grandmother’s old time, as well as his father grew up in the years to come here. He was 26 years old. He and his half-sister AUMA to speed along the dilapidated 60-step road before. The quiet villages, old with a wet hen chicks in front of them pacing up and down.

Obama returned to his hometown last in the presidential campaign he started after the Village is a big celebrity. His arrival has become a sensation of local news, in each station, there will be hundreds of people waiting to greet him, and reporters followed the spotlight while the crowd screaming his name, enthusiastically waving the banner of his portrait, it was singing songs, singing and dancing children. All pray he wins the election, this piece can be beneficial to barren land. U.S. presidential election results the same day, Obama’s relatives and other villagers to wait for the results of the elections Toru night, and then elated, excited. On the same day, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki declared a national holiday to celebrate the success of Obama was elected President of the United States.

Obama’s political ring to the local economy an enormous impact not only selling the local head of Obama trinkets, T-shirts, even street-side hotels, barber shops, boutiques and hair salon have replaced and Obama related to the new name to attract guests. Famous local beer “Senator” has officially changed its name to “Obama.” Now people go to the bar will say “to a glass of Obama.” The local government will also be keen to update the configuration of the airport so that when the identity of Obama to President of the United States to return to this piece of land can be a perfect landing.


Kisumu: Kenya’s third largest city, the western economic and transportation center, city and lakes in southwestern Kenya to Hong Kong, the capital of Nyanza Province. Lake Victoria kawi the north shore of Rondeau Bay. Population 400,000. Coffee, corn, peanut distribution center market and fisheries. Fish processing, cotton, sugar, wine and other industries.

Day tours Content: the main attractions, including Obama’s father was the village life, his pro-life people to the current status, Kenya Tourism Board has recruited more than Obama in the local relatives, served as tour guides and service staff.

Obama family tree: a melting pot

It seems that has never been a President of the United States as such have the topic of Obama. Earlier, there are genealogy experts “genealogy” a carpet of plunder, Obama was concluded with the United States at least six in the history of the relationship between the president has a distant relative, they are President George W. Bush and his father Bush, former President Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Obama other relatives also frequently during the election campaign he used to open brush Vice President Dick Cheney, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the U.S. Civil War General Robert Lee. In addition to the political arena all over the nation, the Hollywood star Brad Pitt may also exist with the origin, it is really ridiculous. Even Obama can accurately trace the most recent generations of the family tree is also full of legendary.

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