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Change the sub-charge price tag

According to the National Judicial Examination Center of the Ministry of Justice announcement, November 18, 2011, participated in this year’s judicial examination of the candidates through the website and voice telephone queries the score. May publish the scores after three days, a User in End of the World Forum published an article entitled The content is claimed to participate in this year’s judicial examination network called

Gaosuibuyou Thailand The dialogue shows, November 9, 2011, to the

I, we have acquired through internal relations to help you search results for free and told you, that time you will reconsider whether to change the points, do not change it does not matter, not a virtue in the sale.

In addition, the ; 200 to 249 points, change points twenty thousand.

November 11, It is noteworthy that the subsequent conversation, .

According to the disclosure of the post show chat, >

Possible to highlight how tricky it, 101, 300 points or less is 81, and another six candidates finding out personal information is incorrect.

However, according to the National Judicial Examination Office of the Ministry of Justice Nov. 16 announcement said: National Judicial Examination 2011 results on November 18 announced that the national passing score of 360 points. Candidates can at 8:00 on November 18, the S & P China by French Ministry of Justice website ( and voice call my results.

At least half of the real thing, so people who want to be able to this concern, the Ministry of Justice to make us an account of the candidates hard pro forma.

Chat show, vice in the ticket master card blank card or write: agree to change points, Joe Smith, after the payment through check points. Joe Smith, that is to write the candidates name, phone number candidates. 12 and 13 are ready to send to my QQ mail, 13-14 change points.

, ticket number, ID number on it.

Net posts to display sub Information does change with a candidate this year, the same Si Kao

The quote in the posted picture shows that in a points! Sun Cheng,

December 18, reporters repeatedly call the phone, but that number is always turned off.

But correspondents General French login Chinese query, exam scores 360 points.

In addition, the post has also posted copies of the same sign a , and scores more than the bar exam scores.

Reporters found through the search function QQ friends, could not find the But the reporter noted, the By querying the account, the reporter found that the account of the network called Well, you can contact me with any questions phone 15863149753.

December 18, reporters repeatedly call

Candidates are more than reflected pressure points

Many candidates in his post about a similar situation around.

But there are also candidates to change the points that similar information is not credible. A candidate message said: The database allows you to change the points so easy ah? a discerning eye to see that this is a liar.

In addition, according to the candidates, and they had test scores in the query and found a strange phenomenon, all three volumes in the first 270 points or more candidates, volume IV are very low (sub-four judicial examination papers examination, a total score of four a score of papers and correspondents note), so there is a lot of 358 points, 359 points. The first three volumes in a number of 240 points, 250 points of volume IV scores of the candidates have emerged more than 100 points, with candidates basis that

Friends volumes are 275 +, and to the Bureau of Justice asked the Bureau of Justice who saw my review of the results said results are not any sense, said this year had been placed on more than 358,359 candidates in particular.

Judicial examination results this year after the publication of judicial examination counselors Zou Chapter posting said: it!

Department of Justice has not released the findings of Si Kao allegedly declared yesterday

It is worth noting that this year’s judicial examination in September to open exam declared yesterday after a large area of ​​doubt, a widespread post screenshot of SMS revealed that the screenshots show time is 9 May at 12:10 on the 18th, message content related to judicial examination of the questions related to some of the content, which means that in the judicial exam 14:00 to open a two-hour exam, it was informed by SMS exam questions.

Legal Publicity Secretary in the Ministry of Justice interview responses that from friends microblogging content provided to see, not very conclusive evidence that the incident was declared yesterday event. Publicity Legal Secretary at the Ministry of Justice said: However, according to inquiries from reporters, no findings are published today.


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