the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road

China News Network on 23 December, then a reflection of a person’s heart, a national popular discourse in this country but also to some extent reflects the status or mood. By China and Baidu News Financial Network launch in 2011 Top Ten News Quotations, price increases because of the people too much money suffered subversion, questioned the credibility of the government, public servants of the people questioned speech, questioned the times of their own … … end of the year, look back in 2011, full of undying emotion and vicissitudes.

No1 Believe it or not, anyway, I believed

7 月 23 日 20 时 38 points, from Beijing to Fuzhou D301 times to run EMU trains near Wenzhou in eastern China, bound for Hangzhou and Fuzhou in front of the D3115 times EMU train rear-end accident, after four cars derailed cars fall under the bridge, where a car left vacant; the vehicle in front four carriages derailed. Accident has killed 35 people were killed and 192 injured.

in the When the Ministry of Railways spokesman Wang Yongping asked, Because at the scene and rescue the situation, the environment is very complex, here is a quagmire, Shi started to very easily, so that the front buried below the soil cover, mainly to facilitate the rescue. Currently he explain why this is, as you believe it or not, I believed anyway.

No2 Liantong 8 knife is playing the piano repetitive motions

Xin drug house, Xi’an Conservatory of Music junior students. October 20, 2010 night, then gave the driver to drive the injured spines caused the death of eight knives, then drive to Guo Du escape again hit the pedestrian crossing, near the mass escape when captured. May 20, Shaanxi Provincial Higher People’s Court of second instance for the maintenance of family medicine Xin first instance death penalty cases. June 7, 2011 morning, Xin drug house was executed.

period, the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road, defended and said: to vent my anger or emotion of a heart. Therefore, when he again encountered such an unpleasant stimulus, he saw a person is injured, but also in mind his number, his behavior is actually similar to the knife hit the behavior of the piano. Because do not buy this year, next year will be more expensive. Ma Weihua, also suggested to develop financial products, with different degrees of financial risk products will be in the hands of the people to absorb excess liquidity to prevent its re-enter the property market and other fields.

No4 I gave up everything, and XX eloped

5 月 16 日 23:21 minutes, right from the bottom of King Gong (CDH Venture Partners and co-founder ) microblogging: Thank you for years of care and help, I wish you all happiness! Can not face everyone’s expectations and trust, and we also can not explain, but also embarrassed, it is gone and. Call-in, please forgive! Power right bow.

power after the king the right to find micro-Bo, the object point to elope Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Zhongfu founder Wang Qin. The search function right and Qin Wang Wang Bo in more than a micro-interactive, Wang Qin issued a picture amazed. Wang Gong Rights:

modern society, and eventually a person want to do it, seems to have become scarce, so the king the right to run away to such a successful concern.

No5 My dad is the law of the land

2011 In June, Vice Mayor Feng Shuanggui’s mother died in a car accident, residents in accordance with local customs and Liu Wen in the incident set off firecrackers to show evil, giving rise to Feng Shuanggui family dissatisfaction. Funeral of the deceased late the next day, Kang Yan Feng Shuanggui wife, son, Feng Yuan, brother in law Liu Kang Dragon Man broke into home, Liu Wen random knife stabbed and severely wounded. Feng Feng Shuanggui second son in a violent assault victim in the course of the source, the victim asked for constantly declared: law of the land

In fact, from This is kind of a context, as Further, if he does not control such a heart, how could Yechuang Liu Wen home, fight, Liu Wen random knife stabbed into the injured?

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