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December 28, 2011 CCTV

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Moderator Shui Junyi:

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Yesterday, the Japanese government threw out a heavy political bomb, blow up the country to adhere to for decades, Relax arms export ban, the move to open its new defense contractor market, but also caused the Japanese have a complex history of relations between the Asian neighbors wary. Lifting arms embargo, the Japanese government’s strategic intent in the end where? The occurrence of such a major defense policy why a change? What kind of consequences it will bring? Studio we have invited two commentators, one is Mr. Yin Zhuo, there is a Mr. Song Xiaojun.

First, ask Mr. Soong, a

Are reviewing: a major turning point in national defense policy?

Opinion: From a legal point of view on the future export of all weapons can be

Song Xiaojun Commentator: Simply put, what is the future of Japan weapons can be sold, legally speaking, because today he is the chief way to say this conversation then, and this passage has been widely reproduced. Can be seen, this passage from the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-authored a passage, from a legal perspective it does not have any limit, it can be exported to any country any kind of weapons, including the main equipment, it only take future public and moral responsibility, that is, all the legal binding release of all.

Shui Junyi: From the details, or specific events behind in terms of what kind you look at it the other side of the background here?

Song Xiaojun: I think the main reaction is faster today is that you immediately to the Yomiuri Shimbun editorial said, patrol boats and sell body armor, of course, it is important that all of his military enterprises are very supportive of this matter. We know Noda turned out to be the children of the SDF, the United States in fact, Bush has been up to them to break through the exit.

Shui Junyi: the Japanese?

Expert opinion: the U.S. military on the principle of breakthrough

Song Xiaojun: Yes. Because the U.S. military over the past decade the manufacturing sector collapsed badly, went on to play the financial, hoping to give it the Japanese patch. For example, the F35 software testing problems, such as missile cooperation, cooperation is the anti-missile system, that is Hillary Clinton left to a basic disk, military enterprises, these things would like to work in Japan to back him, from this , only to Noda government relaxed this one was, of course, Japan’s military enterprises are indeed unable to feed, for ten years, the Japanese military’s subscription fee is in decline.

Shui Junyi: Mr. Yin to see how Japan such a move?

Expert opinion: This day: pro-US military support

Yin Zhuote about Commentator: You can say it two purposes, one is pro-American, another one is to support the military, these two. Of course, keep the military defense industry with a complete system, which is its main concern. Why Yueqin the United States? Because now, all of Japan’s military cooperation is essentially only for a country like the United States, it provides a lot of other U.S. high-tech, including high-tech components, especially electronic products, then each of these high-tech components weapons inside, past the three principles of Japan’s domestic constraints, it is engaged in cooperation with other countries, in addition to the United States to other countries, sales of these controversial weapons in the country to the Japanese government has been criticized, and now it is fully liberalized, indicating that the US-Japan can cooperate, a large number of other countries to the world of high-tech weapons, without any limits, this is a. Why support the military? Because Japan itself is its own small-scale military action, so his example, F-2, he made the grade equivalent to F16 aircraft, it is F16 procurement costs twice to three times, so such a point of purchasing its own aircraft, It is simply too poor to feed the military industrial enterprises, the annual government subsidies to give it a lot, so that it can make it out sales greatly reduced procurement costs, reduce after purchase, of course, Japan has a complete defense system, military power for it to laid a good material base, which is the long-term goal.


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