then began to smoke corkscrew tail … … At this point

In 2011, the missile homes in the aircraft industry, has a symbolic meaning too. Bid for a new generation of radar products, shape new IR product design, inspection, etc. of a type approved nine experiments, about the win, Over the past six months, to ensure the completion of major tasks of the test, part of the cadres and workers, parting the home, a mission, desert expedition, composed of a desert song.

Thrilling interpretation of test team
Successfully launched a test site ground rockets, based on the command hall of the screen clearly displays the product launch out of the picture – the product of the tail dragging spectacular and beautiful smoke steadily gliding. However, after about 10 seconds, then began to smoke corkscrew tail … … At this point, the test is command hall watching a joke in the higher-level hospital with serious missile designer Fankuai Tao said: as such, right?
Although the test results prove that the product’s safety and stability are normal, but the rotation of questions for the late development of staff was very puzzled. Fan Huitao requirements, we must solve this problem.

The next day, hospital vice president of the missile division Liao Zhizhong Luoyang began to research on the back. Although at a time when the National Day, has been out of his home field, have no feelings of the holidays at home, but to tackle the problems of personnel, organization of field research but also in here. Decided to do a diagnostic test during the National Day. October 6, starting at home and field assembled at the same time, 8 the test done.

Because of the weather, October 9 test was smooth and successful. Product launch and sprint straight ahead without the slightest trace of rotation. They have been busy during the National Day, a rare feel relaxed.

10 noon, after a simple meal, field testing personnel rushed to the task of the next test point. They travel in the desert road, a thin long road stretches thousands of kilometers, runs through the vast Gobi Desert. Start the car also speak, and later it was getting dark, more and more difficult road to go, we more and more nervous, the car became silent, staring at the front are tight. After more than 10 hours of intense driving, 22 at night when they finally arrived safely

Transit place, and here there is the ultimate destination from more than 200 kilometers.

The next morning, in their nervousness has not had time to relax, they learned the news of the next task withdrawal, we were speechless, where stupid. This is the external field, which is the task, its uncertainty must be allowed for each team are always a tension test ready.

October 26, Institute for the missile is a good day. More test team analogy, this is

October 25, the missile homes test team got the news: three models and arranged experiments, and flight five sorties. The news, like a shot in the arm, so that all players are very excited about the pilot – flew five sorties – Missile School special!

October 26, a breeze, sunny day. This is rare in the Gobi Desert, is a rare good day to do experiments. To this day trial, at the base of leadership and all the players out, we highly centralized, closely, carefully, five experiments carried out in accordance with an orderly plan.

The first vehicles: a new generation of radar products air ejection test a complete success!

The second movements: a new infrared products in joint training successfully completed!

Third movements: a new generation of radar products tethered test successfully completed!

The fourth movements: a model approved inspection test a complete success!

Fifth vehicles: a new generation of radar products tethered test successfully completed!

November 1, 2011, when people are waiting for the ejection test successfully completed. This day also called

Pioneer batch of new IR product testing and the second generation of radar product launch test missiles air twists and turns.

New IR product testing team approach has been 20 days, and so have people waiting for a good test anxiety. A new generation of radar products to conduct five air ejection test, the node is the delay time can not afford. A trial team that experiments must be like To the external field, the sun began to rise slowly from the vast Gobi, testing players in the beauty of nature in an orderly manner to prepare the test work.

10:20 and 10:50, the new infrared products with a new generation of radar pioneer batch of the product at the second trial made the successful completion of the air ejection, was a complete success!

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