According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

Bin Laden was buried at sea in the implementation of tasks of the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson , 27, is the second visit this year , will stay in Hong Kong three days, along with a cruiser and two destroyers, a total of 5,000 officers and men , ashore in batches holiday yesterday , Wan Chai bar suddenly milling around .

Carl Vinson commander , said the visit happened to be Christmas and New Year holidays , the officers and men on board are said to enjoy the fun.

According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier sightseeing and shopping. With the U.S. military hopes to experience life in Hong Kong , while 21 -year-old Chinese crew Yu Ziying served just 10 months , intends to take advantage of Hong Kong to visit my aunt and two restaurants on the tea , and when the Vietnamese Chinese American engineer decade Lu Hui also said the city , each times to Mong Kok in Hong Kong will eat snakes Lang .

This is already the fourth year, the U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Hong Kong , how often attracted outside attention. Commander ThomasShannon clarify a few months earlier than planned this visit .

Visit as early as four days in May this year , a displacement of 90,000 tons, the deck can be placed up to 90 fighters , and this visit will put more than 60 military aircraft , along with two destroyers , one cruiser .


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