due to Michael Dell

January 5 , according to foreign media reports, the British network to track and report recently released by research firm Netcraft said , due to Michael Dell , chairman of Dell (Michael Dell) , and other venture capitalists of all ages , the emerging open source web server ‘s Nginx has more than Microsoft (microblogging ) IIS ( Internet information Server Internet Information Server), became the active site in all the world ‘s second-largest supplier of network servers .

According to Netcraft, the decline.

It is reported that since July last year Nginx founder Andrew Alai Kexieyefu (Andrew Alexeev) and Igor Theo Joseph (Igor Syosev) to create the company has already brought a certain impact on the market . The platform was launched in 2004 , focuses on the world ‘s busiest 1000 sites in the top 25 % of the company that provides high-capacity network traffic , including Facebook, Zappos, Groupon, Hulu, Dropbox , and WordPress , etc. Nginx last October received from Dell CEO Michael Dell ‘s private venture capital firm MSD Capital, BV Capital and Runa Capital investment of $ 3.0 million .

According to Netcraft , currently has 12.18% of the active sites running on Nginx web server , which has unique content , not the monotony of a total of 22.2 million websites . In short, the report Netcraft statistics of 582 million Chinese Web site , which is a total of 18 million active websites.


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