another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie

Has more than 130 million people (Jiangxi) Feng city, not only rapid economic development of the hundred counties nationwide, the city is well-known heroes. 2012 New Year’s Day in the day, the city took place in an age of 21 veterans Chao, pickpockets were arrested criminals chopped selfless heroic sacrifice of moving events. 3, the reporter learned that the whole incident.

Pocketing the occasion of the knife to sacrifice his body a few

3, according to city Public Security Bureau Political Bureau of the abundance of relevant personnel, at 10:40 on the 1st or so, Lie by 2 bus to go downtown to drink a hotel wedding. Shortly after the car he found a man stealing an old man’s wallet. The thieves see things brought to light, they stop committing crimes.

When the bus continued to travel to the next station, the TV drama Lie keep men out of the car theft. Subsequently, in the bus stop bench, Li Chao started fighting with the man, then, another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie, Lie the body in several knives, a knife the middle of the chest. Upon seeing the two criminals fled the scene. When 110 police arrived, they found covered in blood lying on the ground Lie, after He died on the same day 11:30 stopped breathing, only 21 years old.

Rapid detection of two criminals were arrested the next day

Yichun city levels and abundance of the case the public security organs attach great importance to, and immediately start the murder detection mechanism. Meanwhile, Yichun City deputy mayor, police chief Wan Qi is not only personally attended to show, also sent expert investigators solve the case went to Vivo City to participate.

After investigation, access and retrieval of video data, 2, police have locked the suspect committing the crime. 2, 16 am, in the abundance of the city build a new community culture parametrial Bureau of Mines, the police will suspect Chen, Cai successfully captured.

According to Cai, Chen confessed the incident that day, they each carry a knife on the 2 bus, waiting to pick-pocketing money from the passengers. When pickpocketing a wallet elderly restrained when Li Chao, the two Pianyu off. When a road vehicle to the people of this station, pulled tightly Chao Chen want to get off, pick-pocketing to be ordered to hand over the money and goods, Chen immediately denied the chops money, followed by Cai and Chen Li super attack, during a dagger stabbing took Cai Chao. Lie still and seriously wounded in fighting with Chen, the final result of the number of knife and stabbed down, the two have fled the scene. Currently, Chen and Cai has been under criminal detention.

Easy to learn as excellent soldiers

Lie Yongdoudaitu glorious deeds of sacrifice spread his lifetime where the armed forces, they are only touched on the behavior of Li Chao and sad.

3, the reporter from the People’s Armed Police Corps of the relevant departments of Jiangxi learned, Lie in December 2008, the Armed Police Corps Ganzhou, Jiangxi squadron detachment rather have the army, retired in November 2010. The guy after 90, served two years in the armed forces outstanding performance, was awarded the title of excellent soldier, Lance Corporal was awarded the military rank.

Recalls his comrades, the biggest feature is the Lie easy to learn, but he is also very humble, and his comrades get along in harmony. At the same time, he also Vice warm-hearted, who has difficulty in his comrades, as long as he will be happy to go and help.

Chao’s character is also very forthright, before retiring to sign in to join a reserve agreement, means that at any time to obey the national call. In some people hesitate, he did not hesitate to sign the agreement, saying it was the bounden duty of a soldier.

Much enthusiastic praise neighbor man

Reporters, through visits, also learned the process of growth Lie. City streets in the abundance Jianguang Lane West community of a general population of any building, 57-year-old son’s father, Mr Li made the photos looked heartbroken mother Ye Renying her son’s sacrifice and many fainted. In the near poor home, but to a lot of friends that day, they are all heard about the Lie sacrifice comfort came after two elders.

According to a neighbor introduced Lee Father in Qinghai Geological team to work outside year round, he retired after 55 years of age until the return home Hojo. Lee is no formal job mother, by Dengsanlun living. Niu Li Chao’s brother after graduating from high school to Guangxi to work, get the news of his brother’s sacrifice, is back in time.

Lee said the neighbors out, are full of praise. One grandmother said she grew up watching Lie, he was either in primary or secondary school, have the students said he was good. enthusiastic about helping people. A neighbor Wan Shueisiou family does not light, Chao know, once in the past helped to fix the lights. When Chao heard about sacrifice to fight criminals, Wan Shui Sau and the surrounding neighbors are crying, some spontaneously to the crematorium for the Chao off.

Hi love the record straight

It is understood that Chao’s courageous act was not accidental, he has always dared to say bad things on bad management, the people around know he has a happy warm-hearted meddling and love the record straight.

In September, Lie in a computer shop during working hours, and once to the countryside to the town of Merlin to understand computer aftermarket, in the car saw a pickpocket is committing the crime, he is also to come forward, so pickpockets did not succeed. After returning home, he will go through to tell his mother, the mother worried about her son, advised him to Mo meddling. And Li Chao said, bad nobody, the more furious.

Last year during the Spring Festival, Li Chao and students walking in the urban road construction, but also saw a pickpocket pickpocketing a young woman is preparing the package, Chao quickly in the past to remind young women. Classmates and colleagues, his meddling and the character we all know the record straight.

Party Secretary instructed punish the murderers

In recent days, fighting criminals Lie to spread the news of the glorious sacrifice of their home, we are losing such a good young and regret. Leaders at all levels and relevant units who also made a special trip to their parents and family members came for sympathy. His Jianguang streets and West community is also very concerned about the Chao family, on many occasions to visit his family and condolences, and said that their family problems to help.

3, Harvest Party Secretary Li Chao Yang Yuping dedicated to home, in addition comfort Lie parents, but also immediately give directions, be sure to punish the murderers, promote righteousness. It is reported that the recognition of such matters Lie also being stepped up


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