in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

BEIJING, Jan. 19 , according to foreign reports, the U.S. Defense Panetta said Thursday the United States has with Iran on the Strait of Hormuz confrontation on the issue of doing a settlement of disputes .

Panetta said on that day , ready .

Late last year, Iran has threatened that if subjected to Western countries or further sanctions against force , will block the Strait of Hormuz . The U.S. has stepped up its navy outside the Persian Gulf military presence .

Panetta said,

Panetta reiterated the United States is very aware of their goals , will work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and blockade the Strait of Hormuz . But he also stressed that the U.S. hopes that with the international laws and regulations , in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

Previously reported for the United States sent a letter to the Strait of Hormuz issues regarding Iran , Panetta refused to comment , but pointed out that the United States have channels of communication with Iran , and will continue to keep these channels open.

Recently, relations between Iran and Western countries increasingly tense , some analysts said the Persian Gulf war may be imminent


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