Namtso: together into the love of heaven

In this world, there are some places, will travel with the breeding of many details about love, and different types of love in this one day choose to go to different places to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day, seems to go on the road before situation. Released into the atmosphere in the air, the sweet taste of the season, so that together lovers dream into a paradise of love.

Always so blue, blue so pure, even as the air is being cleaned in general, spotless. Under the blue sky, and the loved ones, holding hands, walking on the road, to see faldstool Health Hill have the most innocent smile of the believers, turning the switch along the rows of cones in people’s fingertips through the next rotation, with It is a pious wish of rotation, as if a clean up in their hearts. Namtso that blue color, it is so in love traction fingertips, the suddenly appeared in front of.

Let lovers in Tibet pure sky to Namtso for the media, as evidenced by nyainqentanglha Kamiyama, Xu unchanged under the lifetime commitment.


Namtso, the Tibetan word for “Heaven Lake”, the lake 4718 meters above sea level, from the lake to the West Bank a total length of the east coast of more than seventy kilometers from the southern coast to the north shore of more than thirty kilometers wide, with a total area of 1,900 square kilometers, is China’s No. Second largest salt lake, but also the world’s highest saltwater lake, the most depth of about 33 meters. Namtso Lake on Mount Nyainqentanglha supplies after snow and ice melt, there are many small streams lake implantation, crystal clear lake, the lake was sky-blue, water days, blending, seamless,Lake, it may seem that there Wonderland sense.

Namtso is the third century and fourth century, the Himalayan movement formed a huge depression Xiao basin, after the Tibetan plateau climate gradually drying, Nam Co area greatly reduced, the existing ancient lake rock line 3, together from the highest lake now about 80 meters, the lake plain good pasture, is the natural pasture. Whenever the early summer, flocks of wild ducks flying habitat, breeding generations. Lakes around the often bear, buffalo, wild ass, blue sheep, foxes, Marmota dwelling wildlife such as the middle of the lake-rich plateau microlepis fish and fish without scales, Lakes also producing Cordyceps, Fritillaria, Saussurea and other valuable medicinal herbs.

Namtso, 12 in the year end of the century, Tibetan Buddhism’s founder who sent cite talung Tong and other senior monks had to attend Lake Tantrism to law, and that is to win Le Jingang of Daochang, Pioneer Year satisfied wood surround l. move. Followers of legend, each Year of the Goat, buddhas, Buddha, extending the Law of God in the assembly is satisfied Muk Wu Tai Hing law would set up the altar, such as people at this time to worship, to Lake scriptures time, North Korea is better than usual ceremony to sell hundreds of thousands of Lake times Qifu measureless. Therefore, the Year of the Goat every monk at Valley followers to travel long distances to turn on the rest on the laurels of a lake has been a great comfort and happiness, and this activity, each of the Tibetan Year of the Goat culminate April 15, when the monks and laymen to set, has lasted for several months.

Namtso from Lhasa axiom about 260 from about 60 axioms city, from the Nam Co Damxung whole are gravel, takes over a snow-capped mountains, every rainy season, there may be the road washed away, so a lot of chassis than make life difficult for low bus.

To Namtso Tour, in addition to viewing outside the Nam Co Lake, another major feature is the large area of the Nam Co grasslands, endless, very shocked the people, the grasslands and the cattle and sheep herders tents is a major feature.

Namtso Lake Tashi island mountains, mountain cave in many years lived in this self-cultivation of the monks, Tibetans relied totally dependent on this spiritual life, to Nam Co, take a look at these self-cultivation The monks also very interesting.

Travel Tips

Routes: You can choose to Lhasa Lhasa – Namtso lines, from three days, chartered at a cost of around :1400-1800 yuan / trip (old Toyota).

Food: Zanba, butter tea, raw beef jerky.

Accommodation: in Damxung accommodation, Namtso Damxung is the gateway to the town are a number of hotels providing accommodation, the general pass Shop is 30-50 million.

Shopping: Balangjie the instruments used, Thangka, carpets,mats, medicines and so on.

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Enforce an interest using operative critics who operate on this place proceed here to find out more.

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