Rome Bid Committee Chairman

ROME, February 14 (Reuters) (Reporter Ma Bangjie) – Italian Prime Minister Monty Valentine’s Day made a ruthless decision. Rome and the appointment of this sports event was forced to cancel in advance.
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Monty announced after the end of the Italian government cabinet meeting on the 14th of this decision. He said:

This decision directly in the Italian Government announced that Rome withdraw from the 2020 Olympic bid to host the World War II. According to the International Olympic Committee (microblogging) provides that the Olympic bidding cities must be the host country government guarantees, otherwise not eligible to bid. On the 15th will they submit a bid for the tender closing date.

Economists Monty last year to take over the resignation of Berlusconi became Prime Minister of Italy. In order to deal with the debt crisis in Europe, he is committed to economic reform, introduced a series of policy tightening to reduce public expenditure. Rome 2020 Olympic Games package is expected to spend $ 12.5 billion, most recently Italy, several polls show public support for Rome’s Olympic bid increasingly lower, more and more taxpayers hope that the Government has limited funds for improving people’s livelihood. Monty decision of the Government of the people.

The Italian Olympic Committee 席佩特鲁奇 government austerity policies right, but should not bring disaster to Rome’s Olympic bid. He said: need to reduce expenses, but should also consider investing in the Olympic Games is an investment in the future.

Rome Bid Committee Chairman, Vice-Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Pescante Rome may therefore miss the opportunity. He said:

60 famous soccer star Francesco Totti and Italian athletes, as well as more than the performing arts cultural figures signed a letter to Monty, hope the Government will provide guarantees for the Rome’s Olympic bid. But man the rigorous’s Monty unmoved.

International Olympic Committee in Quebec City on May 23 this year, held the Executive Committee, decided the finalists list of cities to host the 2020 Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires in September next year Plenary Session of the IOC, will vote to elect the host city. (


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