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News the U.S., February 15, Jane’s Information Group report is expected, all major Asian countries, defense spending will be growth, while the annual growth rate of China’s military budget up to 18.75% by 2015 will reach $ 238.2 billion . This figure will exceed the area of ​​State spending, but still lower than the $ 525.4 billion in the United States 2013. In Asia, Japan and India’s military budget will grow, but also in the order of Singapore announced on the 14th, there are a lot of military equipment transactions.
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February 14, the region’s largest aviation and weapons exhibition in Asia – Singapore Airshow, the Asian countries to buy the aircraft and military equipment. At the same time, Jane’s Information Group released a report, within the next three years, China’s defense spending may exceed the area of ​​all the main national defense expenditure.

2012 Singapore Air Show, held in the country near the Changi Airport, aircraft and weapons manufacturers, military officials, the arms trade side and aviation management personnel participated in the airshow. The transaction value of approximately $ 10 billion announced in the 2010 Singapore Air Show, this year’s national defense spending in Asia is growing, and expected turnover will be higher.

In the transaction announced on the 14th, the Boeing Company and Raytheon Company signed a contract to its Order of 8 P-81 anti-submarine reconnaissance and anti-surface required for advanced radar systems, these aircraft will be delivered to the Indian Navy. Media reports, 2009, India and Boeing signed a contract worth $ 2.1 billion purchase of eight P-81 aircraft. Which the first delivery to India this year.

In the civil context, Boeing and Indonesia’s largest airlines – Lion Air (Lion, Air) signed the largest ever order, worth $ 22.4 billion, a total order of 230 aircraft, including 201 737 MAX and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 of Er . Boeing, Lion Air also has the right to buy 150 aircraft.

Jane’s Information Group report is expected in all major Asian countries, defense spending will grow, China’s military budget growth up to 18.75 percent, will reach $ 238.2 billion in 2015. This figure will exceed the area of ​​State spending, but still lower than the $ 525.4 billion in the United States 2013.

Analysts said that the military spending in Asia, Japan and India after living in China, but the two countries the next few years may be limited, in support of strong economic growth, military spending may be substantial growth. HIS Global Insight Asia Pacific chief economist Rajiv – Biswas said: Japan’s 2015 defense budget will grow to $ 60.3 billion from last year’s $ 66.6 billion. India’s military expenditure in 2011 was $ 35.4 billion in 2015 may increase to $ 44.9 billion.

China has also participated in the Singapore Air Show. China’s largest aerospace and defense trading companies – China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation has demonstrated China’s unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the JF-17 fighter built jointly with Pakistan.

Carbon projects in Europe, the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 The EU quota of greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme has aroused protests from airlines around the world, China has banned its own aircraft to participate in this mechanism. European project on the aircraft’s carbon emission charges, which may lead to a comprehensive trade war, an adverse impact on aircraft transactions and the European sovereign debt crisis. The same time, the hairline cracks in a few weeks ago, the Airbus A380 wing to Airbus problems. European safety authorities last week announced inspection of the entire formation is similar to crack


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