the scale of thousands rally

BEIJING , Feb. 16 , according to Russian media reported on the 15th , Putin supporters are scheduled to be held this Saturday ( 18 ) the scale of thousands rally , Putin had sung the English song ( Blueberry Hill) or become a rally flag . On the other hand , the Moscow government has approved Putin supporters river banks along the Frunze street procession on February 23 and in luzhniki assembly .
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It is reported that the assembly will be driving in the center of Moscow gathered, they will line up the team . Assembly initiator , said supporters will go to the scene issued Putin to participate in charitable activities , he sang the song Reported that this song will be the sign of the

Putin supporters groups said in a statement on the 15th assembly 18 or 1500 people attended . It is reported that Putin supporters on the 15th to submit to the Moscow city government to initiate assembly of the application , the mayor’s office said should be approved on the 18th assembly .

In addition, Moscow Deputy Mayor Alexander Gore side of Section 15 , told reporters , the base bridge district) where to luzhniki route of the procession . 11:30 Moscow time , the number of 40,000 .

He also said , has approved 10 million less than the assembly was held at 13 o’clock on the 23rd to 14:30 at luzhniki Stadium .

Putin ‘s campaign and the Russian People’s Front has been submitted to the 200,000 processions and assemblies held in the center of Moscow on February 23 to apply . The organizers plan along Tverskaya Street procession to Manie Shen Square rally around a half an hour , and then held there . However , the Moscow city government request to change the activities held in other square , and halve the number of participants .

Not long ago , Putin has said he considers necessary to agree with the recommendations made by the Moscow city government , select the appropriate program to an acceptable , held on February 23 rallies .


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