Less and less the status of the Spratly Islands fishing vessels

Cruise fishing protection gap, the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau on board understanding of fishermen production. Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Board for Figure
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Just past 2011, Taishan, Guangdong Nansha skipper Chen Songhan not much pleased. He said the foreign gunboats harassed, higher costs of production, fishery resources decline, decreased effectiveness. Guangxi North Sea fishermen Lee hi the fishing boats in May last year, the 9th in the Spratly Islands southwest of fisheries to be foreign gunboats caught buckle, the economic loss of 1.23 million yuan, to the end of last year in the North Sea to accept the Yangcheng Evening News interview, Lee Hei said also is far from recovery strength.

This caused a lot of pressure to the other fishermen. From the second half of last year, dozens of ships in Guangxi fishing boat basically withdraw from the the Nansha southwest fisheries. Nansha fishing vessels are fewer and fewer, Nansha traditional fishing grounds facing the challenges of shrinking, the fishermen hope that the Government increase the fishing protection efforts.

/ Yangcheng Evening News reporter Mr Chan

Zhanjiang Ocean University Professor Lu partner wins:

Countries should intensify its efforts to support the fishermen, in particular the high proportion of grants was caught by fishermen in the Nansha deduction of losses. As soon as possible to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the South China Sea resources, development of new fishing grounds, of great significance to attract fishing vessels to the Spratly Islands.

The Nansha ship dilute

21 500 licensing of fishing vessels operating

Chinese fishing boats operating in the Spratly Islands in the end? On December 20 last year, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in the interview of the General Duty of the South China Sea Fisheries Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Beidou satellite monitoring system, Chinese fishing vessels operating in the Nansha 21, southwest fisheries only two of Guangxi, fishing boats, Guangdong fishing boats .

The entire South China Sea fishing vessels operating in and how much? Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan Provinces existing fleet of over 90,000 vessels, mainly concentrated in the inshore fishing. This is in stark contrast with the Nansha wide boat dilute.

Nansha is within the range of latitude 12 degrees to 3 degrees 25 minutes south latitude between the South China Sea, intermittent line waters and reefs with a total area of ​​about 800,000 square kilometers. The Nansha fisheries peak in 2005, more than 900 fishing boats year-round job. 2011, to receive the Nansha fishing license fishing boat about 500, the end of only 21 operating in the Nansha people anxious.

Fisheries atrophy

The fishermen are most worried about the foreign gunboats snatch

Through the monitoring system, the reporter to two operations in Nansha, the most southern Guangxi fishing boats sent to cover SMS. Main problem: the job well for you? Foreign fishing vessels? Whether the foreign gunboats interference? Most worried about what? The Government have any expectations.

They are soon back to the message. The reply said: smooth operations, production, seen foreign gunboats, foreign fishing vessels are most worried about the foreign gunboats snatch, I hope that government will increase fishing protection efforts.

Fear of foreign gunboats snatch Nansha fishing vessels to reduce the main reason. Snatch, often nothing. Guangxi, the fishery sector, since 2008 Guangxi has 16 fishing boats were foreign snatch yet to give back, give back, useless, all the basic scrap metal, these boat owners have long had nothing.

Lee Hi fishing boats snatch, through diplomatic negotiations, to give back to the hulls, fishing gear, diesel fuel, parts, navigation equipment have all been looted. Lee said hi, does not include loss of production, economic losses of more than 120 million. The sea re-, re-purchase of hundreds of million. Also been took away due to fishing vessels all kinds of proof, re-submit link takes a long time, without these documents, banks and private lending difficulties. Was arrested deduction not only economic losses, it is mental torture.

Lee joy encounter deepened the fear of the fishermen. The cost generally five to six million yuan trawlers have to borrow loans construction snatch fishermen dream scared from. So, the the Nansha job Chinese fishing boats reduced.

Serious consequences

Spratly Islands sovereignty without strong declaration

Nansha fishing jobs picture is this: Beihai, Guangxi trawling fishermen in the Nansha South southwest fisheries; fishermen of Hainan and Taishan in Guangdong fishermen in Southeast reefs of the Nansha gill fishing and reefs pick snails operating; a small amount of light falling net fishing vessels in waters deeper than 1000 m deep-sea squid.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, since 1989, neighboring countries in the Nansha Sea assault, robbery, snatch shot my fishing boat fishermen event of more than 360 cases, 25 fishermen were killed or missing, thousands of fishermen have been illegally detention. Chinese people can not accept.

The consequences of the violent behavior of the neighboring countries: to curb China’s coastal fishing capacity is transferred to the Spratly Islands, and even the original fishing vessels is also reduced, and in turn increases the pressure on offshore fishing. More serious is the lack of a strong declaration of the sovereignty of Nansha.

Nansha fishing shrinking, the most dissatisfied with the Nansha fishermen.

The fishermen can not be separated from the Spratly Islands, where the history of their predecessors to create the foundation and living space. The Nansha more inseparable from the fishermen. Lee Hi, is gathering strength, he will return to the Spratly Islands, we do not, neighboring countries are most pleased their boats more to more. This is very detrimental to us to maintain the sovereignty of Nansha. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people’s deputies, the North Sea fishermen Zhang Guofu repeatedly expressed the hope that the state has increased efforts to support.

Special fighting

Chinese fishermen and accounted for the reef by a battle of wits

North Sea fishermen, told reporters in Nansha, southern-most jobs under pressure, a retreat against the state. About 5 degrees north latitude from the North Sea to the Spratly Islands operations, one-way over 1000 sea miles (1 nautical miles 1.852 kilometers), about 60 days in a job voyage back and forth to go 14 days at sea, fishing boats, a 500 horsepower single round-trip fuel consumption on the road more than $ 100,000. The government does not increase the support it is difficult to adhere to, not to mention foreign snatch.

Proud to say that our fishermen are the most sovereignty conscious groups. fishing vessels flying the national flag in the Spratly Islands, declaring sovereignty. In this sense no person Bi Nansha fishermen experience more profound. Tanzi Xian said that the neighboring countries in the Spratly Islands occupied buildings on the islands and reefs, the past few years to step up expansion, beautiful as the sea villas, some built into six seven-storey, and are equipped with wind power at night was ablaze with lights, and even neighboring countries in the construction of an airport on the reefs, to carry out the reefs tourism. The reefs of our control, after 2005 did not change the heart of the fishermen who are very anxious.

Of Taishan fishermen on the Nansha reef plate familiar. Captain Chen Songhan said that whenever there is a foreigner on the reefs measurement, report immediately to the relevant authorities. Anda reef in June 2003, Tanzi Xian more lead Taishanese fishermen are erected wooden markers in a group of foreigners sent packing, markers cast into the sea. Anda reef is exposed at low tide, only a few dozen square meters of the reefs of the reefs, up to now is not which state-controlled. North Sea fishermen, told reporters that in recent years neighboring countries in the Spratly Islands, large-scale offshore oil exploration and exploitation, whenever a new drilling platform erected, always the first time fishing boat radar measurement position, reporting to the state. Fishermen vulnerable groups to take up the important task of safeguarding national sovereignty.

Experts suggest

The state has increased investment in support of the Nansha fisheries

Less and less the status of the Spratly Islands fishing vessels, should and must change.

Lu, professor of Zhanjiang Ocean University partnership wins bear the Spratly Islands fisheries research projects. He believes that to restore the vitality of the Nansha fisheries, the state should increase investment, increase efforts to support the fishermen, in particular the high proportion of grants fishermen in the Nansha snatch loss. He also believes that the Nansha regardless of trawl or barbed fishing operations, there is the recession of fishery resources, countries should conduct a full investigation as soon as possible, the South China Sea resources, looking to develop new fishing grounds, which attract fishing vessels to the Spratly Islands is of great significance.

Lu partner wins the group’s survey results show that the Nansha tuna fishing prospects are very bright, deep-sea squid is a very, very, North Sea, a fishing boat up to a staggering 34 tons harvested last year, a night light grille. He said the Nansha deep-sea squid catches in a year is a conservative estimate of up to several hundred tons, a few times now. And deep-sea fishing is basically from neighboring countries harassment. Professor Lu said, many fishermen are gearing up this year, Nansha deep-sea squid boat will have a significant increase in effectiveness appear. The Taishan Captain Chen Songhan be encouraged, he said the Nansha barbed fishing has been difficult to do an inspection tour to the North Sea, and think something to do deep-sea squid. This year, he was ready to dismantling the barbed fishing ship was converted into the deep-sea squid, but require significant investment to change the practices, he hoped that the policy support.

Department in charge of

This year’s fishing protection force marched to the Nansha

Fisheries authorities are always watching the Spratly Islands. Wu Zhuang, director of the South China Sea Fisheries Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture, the Yangcheng Evening News interview, said the strong request of the fishermen, from 2012 onwards will be adjusted to strengthen fishing protection force, marched to the Spratly Islands, to carry out the spring fishing protection to carry out normal fishing protection to ensure the safety of fishermen production. For fishermen reflected in Nansha production away from the mainland, and strongly urge the Nansha construction of fishing piers and fishing boats supply base, he said that government departments have a program to Xisha Yongxing Island fisheries bases are comprehensively promote. Wu Zhuang said efforts to support countries on the Spratly Islands fisheries will continue to strengthen.

The Nansha fishermen hold live!


Nansha fishing history

Nansha fishing activities in China has a long history. According to historical research, Tang and Song dynasties has a certain scale, the formation of each winter by the northeast monsoon sailing south of Nansha, the following summer by the southwest monsoon to return to the practices of the sale of fish.

Taiwan the KMT Morijima troops shot and killed the late 1950s, mainland fishermen, Nansha fishing activities were suspended.

1985, Nansha fishing to resume production to peak in 2005 more than 900 ships in the South China Sea.

In 1994, the fishery sector in the Nansha carry out HuYu cruise. In recent years, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces to receive Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, Nanhai District, there are more than 30,000 fishing boats with Nansha operating hardware requirements.

Nansha has two different ecological environment of the deep seas and reefs shallow, wide variety of fish. The Nansha job overall effective than offshore fisheries and broad prospects


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