safety and environmental .

On behalf of former deputy commander of the East China Sea Fleet , Zhang Huachen found in the research , the construction of naval aviation airport in recent years has made ​​a number of achievements , but a lot of the airport from the town of nearly surrounding the airport , aviation readiness training , and urban construction , economic development, mutual constraints increasingly evident intensive residents around the airport to put a higher demand for flight training, safety and environmental .
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Must ensure coordination between local economic and social development of naval aviation airport construction , push forward the construction of combat effectiveness of troops . scientific planning the layout of Hainan Airlines , Air Force and civil aviation airport . National People’s Congress as soon as possible large – scale military land exchange regulations and policies, to provide legal protection for the military airport relocation . At the same time , combined with the naval forces to the mission of the development of airport construction scale features to ensure that the new airport to meet the multi – model joint protection, offshore deep-sea training , combat readiness and training needs . The airport is located at the Government to exercise the important duty of the good protection of military facilities in accordance with the Protection of Military Installations Act .


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