Ten of the world’s classic cities

1, the ancient city of Croatia

The brink of the ancient city of the Adriatic Sea and is the jewel in the Balkans on a pearl. Although the ancient city has suffered the ravages of the conflict in the Balkans, but in the help of UNESCO,restored elegance of the past. City is divided into two parts of the Old City and the Metro, the old city in the Middle Ages granite structure of the ancient castle, built on a piece of the sea highlights the enormous rock. There are many walls of the castle and the gun turret. Well-preserved city of the 14th century pharmacy, churches, monasteries, Grand Palace and the Clock Tower. Even the streets and street lighting, is the medieval style. Walking in the Middle Ages in the ancient city, will let you absolutely impressive.

2, Dublin, Ireland

No city as the capital of Dublin, Ireland, as have so many bars, is full of such a strong literary atmosphere. Literature have come to Dublin, we will certainly go to Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett Beahan and big writers have a place to live and work a walk. Of course, some “Literary Pub” is also worth a visit. There, many literary enthusiasts to poetry, drama and songs form allows you to feast for the eyes. Literary Pub Walks in general from all grams grams of Bar Street have started performing in bars upstairs grams are staged, in order to get a good seat, but also gain an advantage.

3, the Treasury River Island Seychelles

Treasury Courier lush plants on the island, surrounded by sparkling clear waters, only seven residents on the island. From the coast starting mangroves along a tip to the water prominent headland, there is a paved boardwalk with wooden planks. When you walk, when, like the tortoise in coastal patrolling,Armstrong’s legs hold up its own body, just like in regards to pay tribute to the tourists. Here not only as a very friendly turtles, there are palm-sized spiders, and parrots and transparent ghost crabs. When you go gangway at the end of time, before the Indian Ocean is the most beautiful beaches.

4, the ancient city of Fez Mexico

The ancient city of Fez are renowned for their exquisite Islamic architecture known in the world. The ancient city was built in 808 BC, the narrow winding streets, on both sides of stores, workshops adjacent to lace, some commodities directly outside the shop before, only to walk blocks, sometimes have to give way into the shop, motor vehicle is inaccessible . Some people joke that people here can only help, “Thousand and One Nights” in manned space flight in order to travel the magic carpet. City’s architectural style, customs and ways of life of residents still showed the character of the Middle Ages, and well-preserved.

5, Sydney, Australia beach

Everyone heard about Bondi Beach, this piece of crescent-shaped beaches in Australia’s premier. When you go swimming wearing a swimsuit, along Sydney‘s eastern coastline, starting from the Bondi Beach, you will find a beach more beautiful than the other beaches. The first is the beach, here used to be called gramadal beaches, there are rich and famous performing activities; followed by the picturesque Bronte beach, eat a good place for brunch; and Clough Lane beach is Tatsu the best place to go swimming.

6, Siena, Italy

If it is said that Italy is a book, is located in central Italy Siena is the book can jump three-dimensional picture. Around the city in an ivory tower and medieval alleyways. When you walk in Siena, you will find every block has its own totem: dragon, unicorn, giraffe, black panther, and even caterpillars. Each block has its own fountain, flags, badges, and decorated with the sacred symbol knocker

7, Portmeirion Village, North Wales UK

Portmeirion Village was built in the last century, the Second, the thirties, architects rich in exotic gardens are designed and built an Italian-style village. Villages based on the abandoned building of monuments and sculptures. The “Italian village” is located in the rivers and estuaries, you can through the tunnel, came to this is located in the cliffs on the Garden Village, to find ready-made materials using a patchwork of churches and a lighthouse, you can view the vast Black Rock Beach .

8, Paris, France

To Paris, the latest surprising place than the sewer walk. Sewer has been a cultural and historical part of Paris. Writers from Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” to the later film “Rhapsody in black”, both related to the description and characterization sewer. Located near the Eiffel Tower in the sewer museum, you can understand the sewers of Paris a few hundred years of history. In the crumbling sewer in through the entire journey is an adventure, you have to be careful to avoid falling into the sewage.

9, Castle chaumont France

Chaumont picturesque castle is located in western France, like the 798 in France, is an author and artist’s colony. Here organized an international garden festival. You can use a full day of time, your eyes to see from all over the world, “landscape artists” by the various attractions decoration. Then can also walk from the castle along the Loire, where the vineyards to taste wine in the famous wine Dulan.

10, Costa Rica National Park corcovado

Corcovado National Park is known as biological diversity on Earth where the most prominent. There are more than 500 kinds of trees, 220 kinds of butterflies and bird species throughout North America more than the sum of all the birds. When you walk on the beach, you can see the scarlet macaw fly in the head, pelicans in the rolling waves, proboscidean raccoon in, monkeys in the tropical rainforest. Jaguar dangerous animals like a rare occurrence, but not the effect, it is best employed a guided walk with you.


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